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Hell’s Angels could lose monopoly – Bandidos Motorcycle Club recruiting heavily

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Rockers and police officers nervously register that the bandidos are recruiting members in Switzerland. The foundation of a Swiss chapter is only a matter of time.

The raid by Belp BE has caused a stir in the Swiss rock scene. In May, dozens of Bandidos, Hells Angels and Broncos had a brutal clash at the edge of the village.

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According to witnesses, the members of the motor clubs (MCs) had fists and clubs with each other. Shots were fired too. Several rockers were seriously injured. The police arrested 34 of those involved after the bloody encounter, and several ended up in pre-trial detention. Since then, a special police commission, the so-called Soko Rocker, has been investigating.

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The background to the dispute is the rivalry between the two clubs Bandidos MC and Hells Angels MC Switzerland, which are currently being reformed internationally. In Switzerland, the Swiss Hells Angels Zurich are still leading the way.

Hell’s Angels could lose monopoly

That could soon change: Five Bandidos sympathizers recently traveled from Bern to Malaga, southern Spain; there they were formally accepted as candidates. If the candidates, known as “prospects”, pass their one-year probationary period, they acquire the status of “probationary” (probationary member). Full membership is possible after a year and a half at the earliest.

In the Motor Club scene, it is expected that the five bandidos will open a so-called “Chapter” in Switzerland after passing the probationary period. The Hells Angels, which has been a global club in Switzerland since 1970, would lose their monopoly.

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The driving force behind the development of the Swiss chapter are two bandidos, the Austrian Mike K. and the Secondo Javier G., who grew up in the canton of Bern.

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Both are already full members of Bandidos clubs abroad: G. at the Thessaloniki Chapter, K. in Malaga. It was also the Austrian who recruited the five Bern candidates. Four of them are known as ex-Broncos members, two were even more senior at Chapter Westside – as vice president or sergeant at arms. But because they were flirting with a so-called “patchover”, the change to the bandidos, they were kicked out of the club.

Police warn

Not only in the rocker scene, but also with the security authorities, the news about cross-border activities of the bandidos should cause nervousness. Because almost always when rival rocker groups meet, there are violent clashes.

The Federal Office of Police warns in a current statement: “In Switzerland there is a serious potential for conflict in the rocker and rocker-like groups.”

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