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Bandidos and Mongols motorcycle clubs named in shooting in Midland Texas

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MIDLAND, Tx (KOSA) — The two motorcycle gangs involved in Sunday night’s shooting have been identified as the Bandidos and the Mongols, according to Midland Police.

The shootout killed one person. MPD released his name today. They say he’s Alex Canales Villarreal. The 45-year-old was from McAllen, TX.

Police told us Sunday night three others were shot too. Two were in critical condition and the third was in fair condition. Investigators have not released the names or updated conditions of those three.

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The two gangs were at the Your Place bar Sunday evening. The owner tells CBS7 he and his staff noticed they were getting edgy with one another, so they called 911. Then the shootout happened.

BACA- Bikers Against Child Abuse is on a mission to help victims cope. Members will stand guard outside a child’s home whenever they’re called

The TABC has suspended Your Place’s alcohol license for the next few weeks while the investigation continues.

No word on whether anyone has been arrested for the shooting. The gangs were last seen riding West out of Midland.


  1. When these “clubs” act like unrestrained idiots and ruin it for ALL bikers then they ARE “Gangs”…assholes….


  2. One asshole don’t define a club he was kicked out of the club and will get his do in prison so people fucking relax,there are more of this crap going on in the world that don’t involve bikers we get just as pissed off as the next human being.


  3. MPD and Midland Mayor’s office have kept the legit media in the dark on this shooting, why? And why does it take an underground MC news blog to expose the name of the MCs involved in the shooting. What is the latest on where the shooter/s are at this time?


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