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In a turn of events, a developer who proposed an opioid treatment clinic, tattoo parlor and biker club in Lyon Township withdrew his plans after residents objected.

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Susan Bromley,

In an unusual turn of events, a developer who proposed an opioid treatment clinic, tattoo parlor and biker club in Lyon Township withdrew his plans after residents objected.

Todd Wyett pitched a conceptual review site plan for 10 Milford Shoppes, a commercial development on nearly 17 acres on the northeast corner of 10 Mile and Milford roads, during Monday’s Feb. 24 planning commission meeting.

All of the businesses, which also included a convenience store, tobacco/vape shop, discount auto parts store, furniture store, consignment shop, two restaurants, and a coffee shop – were permissible uses under a consent judgment for the property issued after the township was sued by the same developer years ago.

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“I see we have a lot of neighbors here and it’s not my intention to frighten or use scare tactics,” Wyett said as he began his presentation. “I have appeared twice before here for traditional uses (on the property) Busch’s Market and Kroger’s, and have been turned down for supermarkets. I know the motorcycle club and opioid clinic has concerns… I want to build this commercial development at 10 and Milford road this year.”

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Wyett had brought with him to the meeting Paul Magy, an attorney representing the opioid treatment clinic, and Bryan Marcus, an attorney representing the motorcycle club, which was unnamed.

Developer’s plans

Magy talked about the increasing opioid addiction epidemic and said Michigan’s crisis is 20% worse than the national average. His client, he said, had identified this particular location in Lyon Township as “being good for its work” and would be the first of several clinics planned for Michigan.

“My client is excited about this location; it’s a sweet spot for patient volume,” Magy said, adding that the clinic’s approach would involve many therapies, including individual counseling, nutrition, physical fitness, and focuses on mental and spiritual well-being.

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“I would conclude by saying, I see many people here and a natural resistance to suspicions of what kind of person might be involved here, but I want to assure you, it’s your neighbors, friends, family and these are people who are suffering and need help,” Magy said. “We’re here to make change and if communities aren’t allowing this to happen, we may never overcome this crisis.”

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Magy said while there would be resistance in the beginning, he expected the community would see how the clinic would contribute positively.

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Marcus also noted there would be resistance to his clients, which besides the motorcycle club also included the tattoo studio and smoke shop, but noted the consent judgment allows each of the businesses.


  1. I have started to leave you a comment many times, then decided that you are a waste of my energy and thought to myself that you are not here for bikers rights and then you actually verified that to me the first time when you didn’t show at the NCOM in Orlando Florida. I am sympathetic of your reasons for not attending but as you show your true colors from that event on. I am less caring about you or your reasons for anything you do concerning BIKER NEWS AND RIGHTS.

    So i started to pay more attention and I realized that you started to gain momentum in the cyber world with your so called back ground in the biker community, that I actually fight for on daily bases. Your roots come from the “blood sweat and tears” my club as paved the road for people like you.

    The second time I realized that your are a front runner who has your own “ego” in front of everything is when you decided to put a fictitious article together saying that the government was coming for our patches as a spoof. This put a false sense of fear in the most who read the headlines and moved on two a real news outlets. Now third is when you actually said (Do I still believe in motorcycle club rights even though we won’t be covering it anymore?) this is the straw that broke the camels back for me.

    The funny part is that i decided to check your page today and see what news you took from months ago and re-dated it or some horribly written articular about a world you gave up on and i come across this article about opioid treatment clinic and a biker club. So as I always do when verifying your reporting is i copy and paste the first line to find the actual article and read that article from the SOURCE and once again you dont even copy and paste the whole article. You leave out the whole second half of Susan Bromley “Lyon residents outraged by developer’s pitch for opioid clinic, tattoo parlor, biker club” and botch her heading to sensationalize this article for your own benefit.

    Its a shame that you can use the “Black Pistons” as a false sense that in my opinion makes you feel important and relevant to MY COMMUNITY. Which as a FLORIDA “OUTLAW” from “WEST PALM BEACH” I know that once you lay your patch down whether a “Piston” or “Outlaw” your relevance and your opinion are worthless to righteous 1%ers and Black Pistons along with every club I sit with while fighting motorcycle club rights.


  2. This website pulls RSS Feeds (Which I doubt you even know what that is) which means it’s automatic and we don’t manually search for the articles. The way it comes in is the way it comes in. If you’re a West Palm Beach Outlaw email me your info so it can be verified.
    Last part is very interesting though. Once you lay down your patch opinions don’t mean anything. Well then I guess clubs will be on their own when it comes to club rights cause a ton of people, Independent and more don’t support clubs anymore because of all the bullshit violence all over the country. Not to mention all the drug busts on a daily basis. I never use Black Pistons unless it’s a disclaimer for a story against a red and white club because people will understand the bias I would have. Other than that it’s ancient history. You want the public and others to support club rights? Look inward at the all the clubs nationwide responsibility on the bad public opinion and why the profiling is happening


  3. Personally,I think it’s a damn shame that in this day and age we still have so many narrow minded people. And then there’s you Mr. Anonymous, all those words you just wrote and didn’t say a damn thing. All you did was to remove any doubt of your ignorance. If your not part of the solution then your part of the problem. These clinics work unlike the bullshit rehab programs, drug courts, & jails/prison systems. One more thing if your so confident & have such a huge opinion then at least own it.
    Anonymous really what a wussy.


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