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“These guys are Hells Angels wannabees” Puppet clubs of the outlaw motorcycle gangs are just as dangerous as the real thing

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RCMP raided the clubhouse of the Red Devils motorcycle club on Alma Crescent in Halifax on Thursday afternoon as part of an organized crime investigation.

Staff at the nearby Mary Brown’s Chicken outlet said they heard the commotion in the early afternoon.

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“There were cops here earlier,” Jennifer Nolasco said at about 3:15 p.m. “We heard like a bang, a loud one, a cop went inside and they said they threw tear gas (and) it will take a while for it to be gone.”

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Police had left the scene by about 2 p.m., Nolasco said.

“We just saw one police car but the cop said there were a few cars which were not visible.”

A lawyer has been sentenced to two years and nine months imprisonment after being convicted of laundering for the Comancheros Motorcycle Club .

She said the officer who came into the fast food outlet told them they had a search warrant but the staff did not see if anyone was taken into custody.

Cpl. Lisa Croteau, spokeswoman for the Halifax District RCMP, confirmed the Mounties’ involvement.

“Nova Scotia RCMP is currently engaged in an operation that involves searches of a number of properties in the HRM,” she said. “This is an ongoing serious organized crime investigation and more information, including possible arrests, charges and seizures, will be published when available.”

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Croteau could not specify what other locations besides the Alma Crescent residence was involved. Nor could she confirm it was the Red Devils clubhouse. Online sources identified the clubhouse.

Julian Sher, an investigative journalist and author of several books on bikers and organized crime, said the Red Devils are affiliated with the Hell’s Angels.

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“These guys are Hells Angels wannabees,” Sher said in an email. “Puppet clubs of the outlaw motorcycle gangs are just as dangerous as the real thing – sometimes even more so. They are like a farm team for the HA and they want to prove they are as bad as the baddest.”

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  1. why do people think joining an MC is like joining your local social club because it’s not , it’s hard work and not a 5 minute interview with the membership committee . the media make them out to be something to cross the road for but they couldn’t be further from the truth , you show respect you get respect back and like any biker and I don’t just mean MC’s touch the bike and you get spoken too lol . the worse ones are the single person that doesn’t ride and wears a support patch because they believe they can speak for the MC chapter , far from the truth co’s by doing so your disrespecting the ones you say you support .


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