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A member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club is disputing the RCMP’s depiction of their activities

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A member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club is disputing the RCMP’s depiction of their activities.

Operation Barbarian last week resulted in eight cocaine trafficking arrests after the Outlaws club house in Grand Falls-Windsor was raided last weekend.

Two of the accused were members of the Outlaws and four others were associated with a support group known as the Fallen Few.

A lawyer has been sentenced to two years and nine months imprisonment after being convicted of laundering for the Comancheros Motorcycle Club .

Police say the investigation continues and more arrests are pending.

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At the time, RCMP warned that while the Outlaws try to depict themselves as motorcycle enthusiasts who give back to the community through charitable acts, their activities are linked to organized crime.

Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club President Brett Winsell said the annexation goes further than the potential for a higher property taxes

Mark Hancock takes exception to that. He admits they like to “party and have fun,” but says you’ll find people getting into trouble in any group.

He says to-date, the Outlaws Motorcycle Club has not been charged for being organized crime.


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  2. I think it will be cool if all the MC would just get along and their differences aside I sound like Rodney King Lol but any way the MC could help in the community like when Nashville was hit with the tornado the MC could come and help out , Remember guys were all Americans Ride on brothers.


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