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Despite all the negativity surrounding this outlaw motorcycle club Hells Angels have had plenty of incredible achievements in their history

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by Arun Singh Pundir

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, or HAMC, is a one-percenter club that most countries around the world consider to be outlaws. While the more common motto is “Angels Forever, Forever Angels,” another one is also “When we do right, nobody remembers. When we do wrong, nobody forgets.” Which is pretty menacing, if you come to think of it.

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Since the club was formed way back in 1948, its origin stories differ a bit. A popular story is that it was formed by immigrants from World War II and later amalgamated other motorcycle clubs like the P*ssed Off B*stards of Bloomington, comprising WWII veterans. The name comes from one of the founders, Arvid Olsen, who served in the Hell’s Angel squadron in WWII. But despite all the negativity surrounding the HAMC, some facts prove to be flattering. Here are 15 of them.

15 The HAMC Is A Close Bro-Hood

Being under the scrutiny of the law, constantly, can wear out the best of relationships. And most people on the road treat HAMC with caution reserved for feral animals. But even then, the HAMC remains close-knit, runs plenty of legitimate businesses, such as a store in Toronto, and does a lot of charity work, as well.

Three Comanchero bikie club members have been charged with assaulting a man outside a Fortitude Valley nightclub.

14 They Have Had Celebrity Bonds

The HAMC has been known to have ties with many rebels of the times, think Ken Kesey, Allen Ginsberg, and Jerry Garcia. More bonds have emerged between them and The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Mick Farren, the Merry Pranksters, and Tom Wolfe. The HAMC is motorcycle club royalty, in a matter of speaking.

13 The HAMC Is A Bonafide Brand

Hells Angels may have begun as a free-riding motorcycle club, but over the years they have turned themselves into a brand that now makes diversified things such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, and yoga pants, all branded with HAMC logos. Even Sonny Barger, the leader, has his branded line of goods.

12 They Sometimes Did Security Gigs

Who better than some menacing big-sized bikers to provide security for a free Rolling Stones concert, guaranteed to be flooded by fans? The Altamont festival was successfully patrolled by the HAMC in December 1969, and all they got as payment was beer, while they successfully cowed the crowds down into order.

11 George Harrison Partied With Them

The Beatles were not averse to a good time, so when George Harrison met up with HAMC members in the US, he invited the club back to party in the UK. The party wasn’t a personal one though, but hosted by Apple Records and two HAMC members did attend the same. This later became the origin story of the UK chapter.

10 Their Existence Spurred Many A Movie

The public fascination with motorcycle clubs was at an all-time high in the ‘60s and ‘70s, and filmmakers did their best to exploit the hype by churning out movies with “Hells Angels” in the title. Think Peter Fonda’s The Wild Angels in ’66 or Jack Nicholson’s Hells Angels On Wheels. You get the idea, right?

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9 HAMC Is A Global Phenomenon

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club may have been formed in the US, but they are pretty much spread all over the world, even though the Netherlands has completely banned the club. They list some 29 countries in their charter, but since the membership requirement is still all-white, we doubt they can spread any further.

8 It Isn’t Easy Being A HAMC Member

Other than the popular public opinion that has turned against bikers in general, HAMC is disliked by most policing authorities over the world. If that wasn’t tough enough, they have to ride for at least 20,000km every year, on a serious Harley-Davidson or thereabouts to be considered a bonafide Hells Angel.

Damon Millington of Cogan Station set the fire to the Road Knights Motorcycle Club in Hepburn Township

7 They Sued Disney And Won.

There are few, if any, who have sued Disney and managed to turn the verdict in their favor. But surprisingly, HAMC was one of the few. Disney made the movie Wild Hogs, starring John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, and William H. Macy, and used the HAMC logo without permission or attribution. HAMC sued and won.

6 When In Need, They Go The Legal Way

So clearly, despite being an outlaw group, HAMC does take the help of the law and the legal system whenever it feels it has been short-changed by people and companies who decided to use their name or logo without prior permission. This isn’t just an outlaw gang, this is a club filled with people with plenty of brains.

5 After Disney, HAMC Sued Plenty More

Despite being on the “wrong side” of the law, as per motorcycle club diktats, HAMC is a pretty popular name and their Death Head logo has quite the aficionados. While they cannot stop someone from tattooing their skin with the logo, they can stop people ad brands from making a profit off them. So they have sued Toys ‘R’ Us, Alexander McQueen, Amazon, Saks, Zappos, and Marvel as well, and mostly won.

4 They Are Still Viewed By Some With Rose-Colored Glasses

Motorcycle clubs mean different things to different people, but most have the same origin stories, of veterans being left to their own devices after the war, with no government aid or help coming their way. This banding of brothers has continued long after the veterans themselves may have passed away and many still yearn to be a member of HAMC or be involved with one.

3 The Violence Is Somehow Justified

Most motorcycle clubs are viewed as rebels, with or without a cause. And this holds especially true for the one-percenters, who refuse to conform to the American Motorcycle Association’s handbook and form their own rules and regulations that they are ready to live and die by. So this kind of brotherhood, wrong or right, will remain in a romanticized light.

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2 HAMC Gave Rise To Gonzo Journalism

The term “Gonzo” journalism was coined for an article by Hunter S. Thompson, as a form of journalism that is not objective and comes through personal experiences with the subject in question. And Hunter S. Thompson became the pioneer of Gonzo journalism by writing a book in 1967 titled Hells Angels when he rode for them for a year as part of the research.

1 HAMC Is Into Serious Business

In the US alone, HAMC has 18 trademark registrations that umbrella the use of seven different marques, one being the iconic Death-Head logo, and six more involving variations of it. But they have also extended these trademarks into other countries, clearly showing that they are proud of their legacy and will not let anyone else use or misuse it for profit.



  1. Article #14.. celeb -bonds.. ayfkm… they killed a guy at the altamont concert.. no trial.. say this darker gentelman pulled a gun .. so they tcob… BUT.. they also put a hit on the stones and had a failed assination atempt…..that in itself says im not sure you did enough research for your article Mr Arun Singh Punder…i know there have been people around the world opressed from things like reading books, rock music, music in general, drinking alcohol…ect.. after reding your article im just thinking you may have been one of those people..


  2. Hi HA helped me out once in Bergen Norway lost my wallet and outa of the blue a biker rolled up and gave me enogh cash to get back home so skål and tnx guys and roll on 🙂


  3. As someone who had inside knowledge I can tell you the good does not make up for the scale of bad. H.A. is not an outfit to be praised.


  4. You consider Altamont a positive “achievement”? You need to do some more homework. This piece would be laughable were it not so pitifully absurd.


  5. You consider Altamont a positive “achievement”? You need to do some more homework. This piece would be laughable were it not so pitifully absurd.


  6. Not being remembered for the good you do reminds me of the lesson of Ebineser Scrooge.
    When we say Scrooge, we mean a miser, without a care for anything other than filling a bank account that will never be spent.
    We forget that he became enlightened, and saved Tiny Tims life, then spent the rest of his life a benefactor of the whole town.
    Like the terrorist organization born in Hawaii, “Da Hui” after spreading fear and beatings over surfing (the most unimportant thing in the world), now they want to turn the symbols of the club ( stolen off cave walls left there by civilizations a thousand years ago) into corporate logos, so they can go to court ( never go to court voluntarily) to plea for help to protect the club.


  7. They are great at marketing their products and letting the deathbhead earn millions. But that’s all I’ve got to say about them. It’s aBLACK AND WHITE WORLD. SYLO


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