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Coronavirus-related cancellations continue into the weekend as Daytona Beach Mayor declares a state of emergency for the city and called off Bike Week.

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Coronavirus-related cancellations continue into the weekend, as Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry declared a state of emergency for the city and called off Bike Week.

Henry’s order allows the city more flexibility to access resources and to assist in the event of an emergency, according to a news release.

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As of 8 a.m. Saturday, “the city is revoking all city-issued permits for outdoor events occurring while the declaration is in effect including 2020 Bike Week activities and the St. Patrick’s Block Party on Beach Street on Tuesday, March 17,” a news release said.

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No new permit applications will be approved during the emergency declaration.

The city is also canceling or postponing all public and private events at city-owned facilities with more than 100 people.

Under the emergency declaration, the city utility services will not be discontinued or disconnected due to nonpayment, according to the mayor’s office.

Earlier this week, a New York man who was on his way to Bike Week tested positive for coronavirus in St. Johns County. The man was diagnosed before he arrived in Daytona Beach.

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On Friday, events across Central Florida were either canceled or postponed for the remainder of the month as the governor advocates for social distancing and avoiding mass gatherings.

Most officials said they plan to reevaluate the situation come April.



  1. China’s incompetent government has caused a Pandemic, the Wuhan Virus.
    Do not feed the Beast…think twice before you buy China products!!!


  2. The over reaction and manipulation by the media in scaring the brainwashed American sheeple to death is just sad! The government be it federal or state has taken control of every aspect of our daily lives all over a virus that is not the end of he world pandemic the media is hyping it to be! Shutting down bike week over media propaganda is just crazy!


  3. Lmfao,, someone needs to inform the bikers at bikeweek that the party is over,, cause you sure could fool me! Last day today,, party on dude!


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