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Charges against remaining 11 Vagos Motorcycle Club members dropped in RICO Case

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About a month after eight members of the Vagos Motorcycle Club were acquitted in a lengthy racketeering trial, federal prosecutors on Friday dropped all charges against each of their co-defendants awaiting trial, except one.

Deadly shooting at a motorcycle club, two men were killed and two others were wounded

In a three-page court brief, prosecutors dismissed all charges against 11 more defendants.

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Prosecutors still are pursuing two counts against one local biker, John Halgat. While a racketeering count against him was dismissed, he still faces charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance, and using and carrying a firearm during and in relation to the crime charged.

Last month, after a trial that started in July, jurors acquitted eight members of the club, including its president on federal charges of conspiracy to participate in a racketeering enterprise, murder and using a firearm to commit murder.

The Las Vegas trial centered around the fatal September 2011 shooting of a rival Hells Angels leader inside a Sparks casino during Street Vibrations, an annual motorcycle festival.

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  1. Another trumped up bunch of bullshit the district asshole DA. knew they couldnt win but because its not their money being spent on either side of this case decieded to pursiut it.. what a bunch of fuckin morons…just cost the tax payers how much..just so they could cost the accused a fortion???? That dirty ass cockfaced pool right there….a shot in the dark to try and fuck up innocent peoples lives and put a huge cost burden on them…. even those that are reluctant to respect mc,s can see how these douche bags spend the taxpayers money….hope the accused have a chance to recoup from the state all their wasted defence money


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