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One-percenter MC subculture there has always been many tiffs between the one-percenters and the law enforcement agencies

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For the general, non-riding public of any state, an MC is not something anybody wants to associate with. And if the MC in question is a one-percenter, most people are instantly wary, with good reason.

Three members of the Finks Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMCG) have been arrested and charged with criminal association

Over the past many years, ever since the Motorcycle Club culture in the States diversified into the one-percenter MC subculture, there have been many tiffs between the one-percenters and the law enforcement agencies. However, being an outlaw MC does not immediately mean that the members are out to break the law, it simply means that they do not answer to anybody but themselves when it comes to their motorcycle, their brothers, and their club.

Insane Throttle Biker NewsPolice have arrested five people and seized drugs and cash in biker-gang related raids

The MC culture started with the return of the veterans of WWII, who started founding free-riding groups that allowed them a taste of the good old days again. And this time, they refused to toe the line and preferred to be free agents. Here are 15 facts about the one-percenter MCs and their origins.

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  1. We should all respect mem women in blue as well as our military service vets. But We as MC EXPECT the same in return but We know that’ll never happen. MC are Vets Families etc with moral values and Rules. We abide by the Oath. L E took an oath to protect and serve not profile and attack. L.E are about occupation and this is proven fact in Palestine. Support Your local MC Or get another Fn job.


  2. Love seeing how the clubs are doing in different areas ,I’ve road with a couple clubs and loved it .I never had a problem with any of them and I will always respect them for who they are. I watch the news every morning shooting s theft etc. Club members have nothing to do with it .


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