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While we’re often told about all the mischief the Hells Angels are known for, we’re rarely told about the other side of the club.

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They were rebels, cowboys, Highway Hogs. They’re the first bad boy every little kid on wheels wants to be, as well as many grown men. The Hells Angels go by many names, but all are known for their rugged lawlessness.

Although many were criminals, even more were also friends, lovers, and fathers. Writer Hunter S. Thompson even accompanied a group on the open road in the writing of his book on the infamous gang, humanizing these sides of them to an audience.

The Hells Angels are known for their bad reputation as a motorcycle club, but they have some surprisingly positives you might not know about.

Today, some groups continue to serve the public rather than threaten. A band of brothers with a reputation for living on the edge, we’ve gathered for you, the rarest photos left in existence of the elusive outlaws riding for the cause. And some of them may surprise you.

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