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The search for two dangerous armed men continues by Police after a shooting interlude outside a Hells Angels Motorcycle club

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The search for two dangerous, armed men continues by Central Criminal Police. The men are still at large after they managed to escape the police in Pyttis in Kymmenedalen on Saturday.

Police found the men on track after a shooting interlude outside a Hells Angels club in Kotka on Friday night. Two of those involved managed to escape. Police and helicopters from the Border Guard and the Armed Forces were seeking them all night until Saturday.

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The police made numerous strikes against properties in Pyttis where they believed the men could hide. The public in Pyttis was warned and asked to stay indoors.

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Wanted persons are Janne Kristian Villikka , born in 1975, and Joni Oswald Kasila, born in 1993.

The investigations ended at 18 on Saturday evening, and the men are still at large. The Central Criminal Police are now handling the case.


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