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The head of the Outlaws motorcycle club has joined forces with other members of the community to form a team of good Samaritans to rival the Easter bunny.

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Kelly Williams

The head of the Outlaws has joined forces with other members of the community to form a team of good Samaritans to rival the Easter bunny.

Almost 1,000 chocolate eggs were donated and delivered to locals and hospitals this Easter, thanks to Stuart Dawson, better known as Dink and his pal, Paul Clifford.

The pair came together to help their local community after families were left struggling because of the coronavirus  pandemic.

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Dink opened the doors of his American-style diner in Colwyn Bay to serve free food to anyone in need.

Meanwhile, catering manager, Paul donated surplus stock from his company such as fresh eggs, bread and milk which was shared between the diner and a food bank.

By the second day of lock down, Paul was out delivering the items and as word spread, donations started piling in.

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And after local supermarkets including Aldi and Morrisons donated mountains of chocolate, ‘Operation Dinky Egg’ was launched.

Paul said: “We’ve provided food for almost 1,500 members of the community and we got thinking about getting Easter eggs to the kids.

“We couldn’t believe the amount of eggs we had pouring in thanks to local people and the local supermarkets.

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“We received almost 1,000 so we were able to make up bags for anyone struggling during lockdown.

“We even dropped some off at the hospitals for the staff.”

The 38-year-old from Rhos on Sea said his baby daughter, Mia inspired him to help others.

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“I just couldn’t bare to think of children going without so I hope one day Mia will be proud of me,” he added.

“Our amazing team delivered the eggs to people of all walks of life who have found themselves unable to work or run their businesses and are having to turn to benefits because of coronavirus, or those who couldn’t get out because they are self isolating.

“We wanted to make sure no one went without.

“A few of us were trying to do our bit to help but now we’ve merged to create one stronger team.

“I’m really proud of everyone who helped or donated.”



  1. Ty for all the 1% Outlaws do. Kids come first. I get hassled for supporting the Diner now the kids at Easter. It’s ok. Roll with it. I have your back and Your support. Roll on 1% ers.


  2. These guys are some of the best guys around but all you hear is they are criminals. What a awesome thing to do for their community. They love kids, family, and each other enough to call themselves brothers. These guys are the real heroes! I hope one day I will have the opportunity to call these men my brothers. Great job Outlaws M/C!!! ML&R!!! SYLO!!!


  3. It’s just like Gotti and his neighborhood Xmas parties. El Chapo fed the poor all the time as well. I was a Chicago cop for 29 years, last 15 as a Homicide dic. I am well acquainted with The Outlaws, since Chicago is their turf, so to speak. The vast majority are methamphetamine junkies who do some real freaky and rooting stuff when their on that shit. They are thieves and killers. I put two of their members and one probate away for murdering a man that they thought had ten grand on him … but he didn’t. It was the wrong guy. So instead they killed a 38 year old husband and father of two little girls. Look, even Hitler was nice to dogs.


  4. Outlaws do alot of good for the community. Alot of these club members are Vets and that’s who organized the club after WW2, I was A CO for 10 years and the Outlaw Motor Cycle Club treated me with respect.


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