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Legendary Jake Sawyer- Former Hells Angels Nomad tells his story

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Press Release:


Great news in these difficult times!!
Volume 1 of the two volume story of the life of the legendary Jake Sawyer is now available on Just enter “Jake, Hell’s Angel” and you’ll be all set to rock!!
* A patch-wearing member of the Hell’s Angels in the classic 1960’s Hell’s Angels era.
*The first Hell’s Angel from the State
of Maine.
*Rose to the top of the prisoner hierarchy at San Quentin and Lewisberg Federal Penitentiary.
*Health and physical fitness guru to champion body builders.
*Inspirational life coach to people from all walks of life.
Get ready for a wild-assed ride filled with wanton sex, extreme violence and never-ending humor!!
Link to Book on Amazon
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  1. Damned yes it does. When you are doing it right.
    Wanton sex, extreme violence and a never ending sense is humor?
    Sounds just like me.
    I’m liking the guy already.


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