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With a 54-year history the Bandidos have many stories to tell. Here are 15 photos that capture this notorious motorcycle club in their old days.

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With a 54-year history, the Bandidos have many stories to tell. Here are 15 photos that capture this notorious motorcycle club in their old days.

The name itself is self-explanatory, the Bandidos Motorcycle Club isn’t one that follows the rules and the regulations of the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) and accordingly are part of the growing league of one-percenter motorcycle clubs across the US.

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While they may be under the keen eye of the law since law enforcement considers them to be a threat to the normal peace of any territory they hog, shows  like the Sons of Anarchy have only served to make outlaw motorcycle clubs more popular, even if OMCs have dubious facts supporting them.

Most of the Harley-Davidson motorcycles’ sales rest on the shoulders of these biker clubs. The image of most one-percenters is such that men would always be queuing up to join the brotherhood, and women will always want their share of bad boys. If you too have found the Bandidos MC strangely attractive, here go 15 facts for you learn a little more about the club, its men, and the workings behind it all.

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  1. If you wanna be a mongol just hang around for about 2 mo and they give you a patch no prospecting fact ….mongols in NC are the biggest pussies on the planet


  2. Live by a code ? So do the scouts and the girl guides .Mobsters have a code and are more honest , they tell ya what they’re doing and do it.Who gives a shit really . These guys are thugs, Hells Angles are top dog world wide, these groups trafic drugs , live by a law to themselves make out they’re tough through intimidation , and are dangerous on our community .The army boys on bikes live by an honourable code , it may look cool, and appealing , truth when they hit tht the road or parade around they’re just thugs that need stamped out.


  3. Boris, you are an IDIOT!!! Bikers DO live by a code. You have no idea what life is all about. I have been a biker ALL my life many years outside the law, then many years as a Christian Biker, even Christian bikers live by a code. Our code is IF you talk the talk, you had better walk the walk. All bikers have a code, ( if you don’t know, I cannot explain it, ) . Bikers are born Bikers, not all motorcycle riders are Bikers, most are just motorcyclists in leather.


  4. Leave the Fucken Biker’s alone they will sort it out amongst themselves. If they don’t unite and get their shit together, They will be no more. Just an Olde piece of rag hanging on the lounge room wall. A momento of days of Yore.


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