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Alleged president of the Chester County Warlocks MC Chapter charged with the murder of suspected Warlocks MC prospect

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Police sources tell that Philadelphia Homicide Detectives have charged Michael DeLuca, the alleged president of the Chester County Warlocks MC Chapter, with the murder of suspected Warlocks MC prospect Keith Palumbo from Upper Darby.

Sources say the body of the 36 year old Palumbo was recently discovered inside a cemetery vault at the Mt. Moriah Cemetery off Kingsessing Avenue in Philadelphia by Philadelphia Homicide Detectives who had to roll back a slab to the vault to get to the body. Sources say Palumbo was shot in the head. Police say he disappeared back in early February.

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Police sources also say detectives discovered the body of a second murder victim which appears to have been there for some time. That unidentified individual had also been shot. Sources say the body may be of another Warlocks MC prospect.

According to investigators, Deluca was arrested on April 12th by police in Wyoming. His Cadillac with tinted windows and Pennsylvania tags was stopped by local police. He was allegedly in possession of a gun. He was booked on local weapons charges and held on the Philadelphia Homicide warrant. Court records indicate DeLuca has a prior criminal record.

Biker experts say DeLuca has been a member of the Warlocks MC for quite some time now. The Warlocks MC has chapters in Chester Co., Delaware Co. and Philadelphia.

Law Enforcement Says War could be on the horizon between two Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs one being the Mongols MC the other the Bandidos MC

Police have not revealed the motive for Palumbo’s murder. Stayed tuned to for updates on this case.

Source: mobtalksitdown 

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  1. 2 rats in a vault! Damn thats nice. Shit. Alledged Prez? Now that I don’t get. Sounds like a damn setup to me. But one never knows. I just don’t see them getting free vaults. Shit. Lucky asses. 😀


  2. You deleted my comments on your video……why? I thought you guys were a bunch of tough bikers that were dedicated to the “truth”? Fact is you were so quick to defame a competing blogger that you insulted a family by calling a news story of his death, a hoax. What’s the matter, you dont like being called out for your own bullshit? You have no problem calling others out……guess I was right, just a bunch of bitch posers hiding behind keyboards in your “safe spaces” and blocking or deleting anyone that calls you out for the pussys you are! Prove me wrong and unblock me.


  3. We don’t block anyone- That crap is regulated by the social media platform depending on what is within the comments. THIS SITE IS FREE AND OPEN. SO if you have a fucking problem with how the story was covered then come on the show and provide your side of the story. Here’s the thing. I feel for the families lost. But if you’re pissed , be pissed at the LEO Fucks who broke the story. Fucks who didn’t provide any backup to their story and want people to take it at face value. Be pissed that a LEO Blog used the incident to further their website. Be pissed that they didn’t provide details in which people could believe what they put out.


  4. Why the fuck would I be pissed at law enforcement for reporting the facts???? YOU are the ones that called it a “hoax” and made fun of the story as false. Maybe you need to check your sources better before you open your fucking cock washer? BTW, since you KNOW who I am, how about you let me know who YOU are instead of hiding behind a website and keyboard? Am I talking to the famous “Hollywood” or just some IT pussy??


  5. WHAT”S THE FACTS!!!!!!!!!!! The article was from a Cop Blog and not reported on by any other media outlet. You say everyone must take that story as truth. Then why isn’t it being backed up or at least mentioned by credible news agencies? The way they reported it, it did sound messed up. If you want to converse with Hollywood you can do so at . He let’s both sides come out on a story, I would suggest instead of throwing shit our way, contact the idiots who wrote the article and bitch about how they presented it. NO BIKERS with any sense would believe anything coming from those people. If you want your story to come out where people would back your cause, Hollywood works with people to do just that. HE WILL GET YOU THE HELP you need to make sure everyone knows what has happened . I know he has gone against clubs when they were wrong and isn’t afraid to do so. When they are wrong, they are wrong to him. This is Tramp by the way. I run the website and social media. Again, email him, I will let him know to expect it.


  6. You tell,m tramp.. there,s only one person i see shootin their cock washer off… if you have something to say say- bin spit it the fuck out and quit whimppering about the way the article was posted.. it,s just a rewrite..tell your side of the story should there be one….


  7. Ive had shit wiped out I’ve typed into full throttle myself. But that’s most likely a tech issue. When I read real get it right tell it like it is from like Boner then it’s clear that We have someone with a better view and is direct on issues. Again I send my Thanks here from South Tnn.


  8. Two more brave souls hiding behind made up names. Too bad you’re not brave enough to come out of the closet. Maybe you both should get it over and blow each other. Me on the other hand, I use my real name and real location because I’m not afraid to engage with you online or in person if you’d ever be ridiculous enough to choose that route.

    “Tramp” (another pseudonym I guess) you need to understand that the family is not upset about the information getting out…… maybe the cops are because they are still investigating and have more people in their sites that have not been arrested, but the family does not. We know what happened and we accept Keith’s role in his own predicament. The “blog” that you keep referring to and claiming we should be mad about, was nothing more than point by point fact based news story regarding the details of what happened. There was no opinion, speculation, embellishment or postulations made. YOUR podcast however……… “Hollywood” made many remarks about the story being a “hoax” and quite a few dismissive, sarcastic and disrespectful comments regarding the incident……. maybe you should rewatch his podcast, with the context that we had buried our family member less than 20 hours prior and had gone through 2 months of HELL, to grasp our outrage at his apparent callousness of the true facts behind our family members demise. All based on his belief that if it came from a cop, it must be false.

    Maybe in the future, he will address any story with the respect of the possibility that it may be true and take into consideration that there are real families out there hurting. I understand this may seem like a “movie” but it is very real to us.

    Edward Sabin
    Aldan, PA


  9. Our hearts go out to all familes that lose a loved one
    . The circumstances of these situations are not due to actions of us (the readers) or of insane throttle
    ..the articles read here are from news worthy stuff that has surfaced and quiet often are this one was . Most of us out here resaerch other sites and read other articles.. in all fairness the people at insane throttle and its readership are not your problem.. from other articles i have read its claimed mr deluca not only shot his gf in the head and is under arrest ..but from the comments was a life time family friend of mr.palumbo. understanding your hurt … but wondering why your axe is being ground on us.. hope there is resolve for you and the family .. and so you know after all the reading i do and my own personal exspieriences ..cops lie…


  10. Calm down there “Tramp”….. I’m talking about “boner phoner” and “herringt2009@gmailcom”….. the two tough guys that decided to inject themselves in this conversation and hide behind their emails and fake names


  11. “Boner”……. I have NO idea why you are so thick that you cannot understand the difference between the article of facts that was written and Hollywoods’ commentary? I dont give a fuck what your VAST experiences have told you in how long youve been living on this earth but in THIS case, just about every fucking word of that story was TRUE! ………… You obviously did not take the time to read my explanation above as to why the family is upset at your “site”. You seem to be too busy trying to blame the “cops” and calling them liars….. I am sure you will not read this either. You will take from it what you want to and ignore the rest. All you will do is repeat your tired rhetoric that we need to “blame THEM” and “cops lie”……. that is ALL you seem to be stuck on saying.


  12. No the rest of the article suggessted it was a suspected informant that died ..and that he knew he was going to die.. and had relatives with mob ties… i dont nessasarly believe all that but that was what was written…soooo .. your not my dad your way to fuckiing young…i can tell let it be….


  13. Boner….. here is the original article that Hollywood displayed on his podcast April 21st……… …… show anywhere it mentions “mob related” or “informant” ….. you must be thinking about some other story entirely….. go back to smoking whatever the fuck you’re smoking. Dont fucking tell me to let it be toughguy with your bullshit alias. I may not be your daddy but I bet I can danm sure beat your ass like I was….. you ever make it to the Philly area you wont have a hard time finding me. Look me up.


  14. Read ALL the articles about this and become informed before you start talking about shit you dont know about….holy fuck some city of brotherly love you got going on there say-bin.. yes.. it was all said in other post from other sources stupid go beat yourself up or off or what ever uninformed people that talk shit do… h a n d


  15. Chester City, Not Chester County. Chester City is in Delaware County, PA Right below the Philly airport.
    Semi important details.


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