List of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs

One-percenters motorcycle clubs proudly flaunt their bikes and their disregard for the rules but here are some things they don’t want anybody to know.

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by Arun Singh Pundir

Different people think of outlaw motorcycle clubs in different ways. For people who idolize these wild and free riders, being part of the brotherhood is the ultimate thrill. For anyone in the law and order department, outlaw MCs are more of a headache, and depending on which club they belong to, fall under various threat levels. To the people who just see them passing by on the roads, they are mostly a menace to society. Most would like to keep as far away from them as they can.

A violent turf war for control of Scotland’s motorcycle clubs was behind a hammer attack that left victims needing airlifted to hospita

And while there are many things that outlaw MCs want people to know about them, stuff that they are proud of and preen about; there are some things they would not like publicized much. The reason is that these lesser-known facts may affect their bad-boy image in detrimental ways. Here are 10 things outlaw MCs like to keep quiet about and 5 facts they are rather proud of.

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