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14 Things Hells Angels motorcycle club don’t want anyone to know

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by Linda Ly

The American Motorcyclist Association will tell you that 99% of motorcyclists are law-abiding citizens. Leaving us with the infamous 1%. These are the outlaws that are rejected in our society. Without a doubt, the most notorious group in motorcycle history would be the Hells Angels. The public has a love-hate relationship with this group. Their organization has inspired a counterculture — films, TV shows,  books, print media — which romanticized their role in our society.  Meanwhile, some of their actions paint a different reality. They have appeared in numerous news headlines and scandals that question their morality.

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Are they unfairly judged because of their public image and honeybadger attitude towards authority? Or, are they the lowest common denominator of society that only wants to see the world burn? We have compiled different photos and stories from various sources, including an unpublished story from LIFE magazine. Here are some things that the Hells Angels try to keep under wraps.

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  1. I don’t see anything wrong here.. Whatever it is they do it did is being judged as a whole and it isn’t fair. Besides who cares let them be.


  2. I roll with a 1% Motorcycle Club leave them alone and they’ll leave you alone I’m former military and I ride with over a hundred two hundred people sometimes as much as 500 most of them are good guys you guys just get the wrong impression of them that’s not our fault that’s the people that are writing f****** papers about us back I’m 45 years old back when I was growing up if there was a problem you went outside went to the back whatever was talked about was you duked it out it was good now in 2020 people are pussies and scared of everything and when they get pushed to shove they want to call the cops that’s b******* to me men are men we play dirty it’s a f****** Alpha thing learn 2 to know them first before writing garbage in a f****** paper


  3. I grew up in a town in Ontario where there were always lots of motorcycles. These guys ARE GOOD people!! The pencil neck wimps need to write some dirt on Cinderella…dontcha…princess.You little B#@%^#s!!!


  4. Agree 1% er riding clubs or general mc enthusiasts All are people ! Some good Some Great some too wild but difference makes Us Great


  5. in the 1960 early 70s they helped the cops in Oakland fight off the commies who were trying to take over the navy / army base , . . its like deja vu all over again . . .


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