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The sound of more than 200 motorcycle engines thundered off the walls of McLaren Port Huron Michigan

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Brian M. Wells, Port Huron Times Herald
The sound of more than 200 motorcycle engines thundered off the walls of McLaren Port Huron Saturday morning. Riders waved and held signs in support of the hospital’s employees, some of whom waved back from windows and doorways, their faces barely visible through their personal protection equipment.

The ride was one of several recent events aimed at honoring hospital employees who are working through the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our employees have been so appreciative of the kindness the general public has shown,” McLaren Port Huron spokeswoman Ginger Petrat said in a text message. “From a motorcycle ride to a first responders’ parade, and numerous food and supply donations to an organized prayer, it’s incredible to see the community come together to support our frontline workers during these difficult times.”

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The event was organized by Rick Umphrey, of Port Huron, with the help of the Mercy Riders motorcycle club, after seeing his friends that work in the medical field becoming burnt out from working during the coronavirus pandemic.

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