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We try and keep the sides of the roads looking good. Doing our part” said Wyoming Hells Angels Nomads Ben Clarke

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By Sean Boyd

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) “Through the state of Wyoming Adopt a Highway program, we go out a few times a year minimum. We try and keep the sides of the roads looking good. Doing our part,” said Wyoming 81 Nomads Ben Clarke.

His club attempted to get out of the house and take the opportunity to clean up trash and debris Sunday.

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” We just saw this as a chance to engage the people as we keep our highways clean.”

The motorbike club said it hadn’t held their monthly meetings, due to distancing.

“While we enjoy the outdoors and do some activities. We want to help the community out and still be in safe distances of each other.” Ben Clark said.

Our last report referred to the club as a “biker gang,” which proved to be an inaccurate description of Wyoming’s Hells Angels. Ben Clark said.

The notorious Pagans MC club is engaged in a long and bloody war with the Hell’s Angels Motorycle Club which like the Pagans double as violent street gang.

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  1. I need to ask you a question and I mean no disrespect to no club I want to know if I permission to ask a question first though the last time I tried to ask you a question was in a group called wild hogs I had to leave there and I told them no disrespect cuz they just don’t hand out MC patches you got to do something or know somebody or something to get those patches just don’t hand them out at the DMV I’m trying to find out some information on a particular group I’m back in the 60s hearing based in Tampa and called OutKast but I want to know how do you know which club represents what affiliation how do you tell from the patches that’s my question?


  2. I’m trying to find out if my folks were for the the good guys or the bad guys back in the 60s they’re both gone now bless they’re heartsI just need to know how you tell the affiliation between patches who represents who


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