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A senior Bandidos outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) member has been charged following an ongoing investigation into alleged violent and criminal activity

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A senior Bandidos outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) member has been charged following an ongoing investigation into alleged violent and criminal activity in the state’s Central West.

As part of ongoing targeting and disruption of criminal networks, police from the State Crime Command’s Criminal Groups Squad commenced an investigation under Strike Force Connemara into illicit activities and ongoing conflict in the state’s Central West.

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During the investigation, police received information about an alleged affray between two groups of people in a fast food restaurant carpark on Bathurst Road, Orange, on Saturday 11 January 2020.

So far during the investigation, officers have charged three men – aged 31, 39 and 42. All three remain before the courts.

Following further inquiries, officers executed a search warrant at a home on Kenna Street, Orange, just before 6.30am today (Tuesday 5 May 2020).

During the search, officers seized a number of items relevant to the investigation.

A 26-year-old man was arrested and taken to Orange Police Station where he was charged with affray, participate criminal group contribute criminal activity and stalk/intimidate intend fear physical etc harm.

The notorious Pagans MC club is engaged in a long and bloody war with the Hell’s Angels Motorycle Club which like the Pagans double as violent street gang.

Police will allege in court that the man was involved in the affray earlier this year.

It will be further alleged the man intimidated another man through phone calls and a social media application.

The man, who is senior Bandidos OMCG member, was granted strict conditional bail to appear at Orange Local Court on Monday 27 July 2020.

More than 50 bikers showed up at the home of one of its fallen members from The Outkast Motorcycle Club

Investigations are continuing.

Anyone with information that may assist investigators is urged to contact Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 or Information is treated in strict confidence.

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  1. Those biker gangs are full of scumbags,just like the trash gangs in those crapholes we call cities. When will those gangs be prosecuted? Police just ignore them and are just as guilty as the gang members. It does seem that biker gangs do receive all the attention from law enforcement while ignoring the other scum suckers like, the Latin kings, bloods, crips,aryan brotherhood, folk nation, Jewish mafia,Irish mafia, eurotrash russian mafia,American mafia, sisilian mafia, Sinaloa cartel, yakuzamajor scum ms13, yuh flying dragons, ect. Seems like law enforcement are pussies for not getting rid of them and taking hush money.


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