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Involved in the life of their community and looking after their own, the Cossacks motorcycle club controversy continues to linger on.

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The Cossacks Motorcycle Club (MC) is certainly controversial, caught somewhere in-between family, friendly and the fringe of society. Many deem it an outlaw motorcycle club, even from within the community, mainly due to the “Waco” or “Twin Peaks Incident” that took place on May 17, 2015. Yet, this is not a label with which The Cossacks identify. But let’s leave that for another article. Now we will focus on how this MC came to be.

It was 1969 when the Club was founded in Tyler, Texas by six riders; they became the first members and took on administrative roles to ensure the longevity of their club: the first Cossacks President was Earl Swift, Charles Hanks served as Vice President, Butch Cheatham as Secretary, while Paul Henley became the Treasurer. The crew was complete with two more members, Tom Eliason and Carl Blair.

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Earl Swift (5 July 1945, Newport, Wales, Great Britain – 30 December 2012, Tyler, Texas) was more than just one of the six, he was the first Cossacks President and played an important role in founding the Club. At just 24 he joined forces with five more people to lay the ground work, that would live on even after his death.

It is interesting to note that the MC adheres to a strict military rank among the members, the top rank being, of course, the President. In order to increase the affiliation and cohesion of all regional branches, each of these chapters is governed by a President.

3 Ugly Man Cossacks motorcycle club members jailed for the murder of a Cossack 1% Member

The name is of Eastern European origin and was inspired by the fearless Cossacks riders, the founding fathers being particularly drawn to their strong sense of brotherhood. They were a predominantly East Slavic-speaking Orthodox Christian ethno-religious group situated on the territory of former Soviet Union and throughout their history, they exercised a great impact over the state of present countries like Ukraine and Russia. Only the Cossacks of this article traded the horse for a Harley-Davidson (the only motorcycle allowed to be used). The exclusive loyalty to Harley can serve as a reflection of a sense of patriotism.

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