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Getting into a 1% motorcycle club isn’t hard, but it does require sacrifice, especially your time, money, and principles.

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Getting into a 1% motorcycle club isn’t hard, but it does require patience and you have to be willing to sacrifice your time, money, and possibly some individual principles for the organization. It’s no more difficult to enter into that joining the freemasons or a similar organization that requires an invitation and then tests the prospect over time to see if he is a fit. Notice we said “he”, because at the time of this writing to our knowledge female 1% clubs only exist in the “woke culture” movies, although there are real female street gangs and syndicates that are not affiliated with legitimate female riding clubs. Sometimes women are actually passed around as “old ladies” (groupies) in some bike clubs and have a second-tier status as support members only.

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Having been approached by two clubs, the author adds that it isn’t like the movies, and not everyone who is a member of these clubs wants to cook methamphetamine or steal motorcycles from rival organizations. However, it is the tribe mentality as well as the generosity and brotherhood in which a prospective member has to weigh whether he might want to entertain being a member.

Firstly, you actually run into these people in normal activities such as work, church, vehicle breakdown, grocery store, hardware store, motorcycle repair shop etc. Yes, sometimes you do meet them at bars and pubs, but generally, since almost all of them own clubhouses, they usually do their partying at either their own clubhouse or that of an affiliate club or one that has invited them.

A bail application by a Comanchero bikie charged with being in possession of a “dangerous” substance under suspicious circumstances would be “vehemently opposed”

Also, most bike clubs whether they are 1% or normal clubs typically attend and host parties and social events, and that is where the majority of people meet them. The majority of clubs are dues-paying and chartered members of The American Motorcycle Association if they are in the United States, those that are not members are called “outlaw clubs” and are usually 1% clubs, but that may not be the case 100% of the time.

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