The Nomads join the Bandidos, Outlaws Devils Henchmen, Black Uhlans and the Rebels who’s patches have been banned

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Tasmania Police Acting Assistant Commissioner Jo Stolp said from Wednesday the Nomads were identified as a prescribed organisation under the legislation.

“These are criminal gangs and their colours are designed to show affiliation with this criminality and intimidate others,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Stolp said.

“The laws don’t affect any other motorcycle clubs.”

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Acting Assistant Commissioner Stolp said the Nomads had recently sought to establish a presence in Tasmania.


“Through our work as part of the National Anti Gang Squad we know they have national links to serious and organised crime,” she said.

“This step will disrupt their moves to establish in our state.

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“The banning of colours is one of a number of tools that we have available to tackle criminal groups including outlaw motorcycle gangs.

“Since the legislation was introduced there have been no national runs by any outlaw motorcycle gangs in Tasmania.”

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Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management Mark Shelton said the ban sent a clear message crime gangs were not welcome in Tasmania.

“As the community and economy follow the pathway to recovery from COVID-19 restrictions, the last thing we need is organised crime ripping money out of the pockets of vulnerable people,” Mr Shelton said.


“The Tasmanian government therefore makes no apologies for being tough on criminals and will continue delivering our strong plan to keep Tasmania safer from organised crime.”

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Acting Assistant Commissioner Stolp said Tasmania Police intelligence linked Tasmanian outlaw motorcycle gangs to the manufacture and distribution of illicit drugs, firearms offences and the use and threats of violence to protect their way of life.


“Just earlier this month, two members of the Outlaws outlaw motorcycle gang were charged with firearms and drug trafficking offences,” she said.

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“We continue to target outlaw motorcycle gang members in terms of criminal activity, anti-social or intimidating behaviour, or breaches of our laws.”


Anyone with information about outlaw motorcycle gang criminal activity should contact police on 131 444 or report anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or

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  1. This female reporter writing this report about bikies has no clue what are patches and colours of biker gangs, calling them as insignias,your interpretation not the right you got no idea how to write about and talk about and explained what bikies issues are because you are a public servant I’m probably an English teacher it’s got no idea about bikies so stay out of those sort of bikie write ups because you got no clue your not educated about the bikies rules,there code there church, words laws and you shouldn’t be doing right ups about the bikies


  2. I believe that anyone should have the Right to live Thier Life as They Want. Thiers always going to be a Battle Field. There always has & there always will be. Territorial Disbutes. The only chance in HELL SYSTEM HAS TO STOP IT S TO LEGALIZE IT. THE MEN THAT WROTE THE CONSTUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. NOT ONE OF THEM COULD PPASS A PEE TEST. THEYED BE PISSED OFF. FUCK YOU INGRANT BASTARDS. LET US LIVE OUR LIVES OUR CHOICE. NOT YOURS TO CHOOSE FOR US. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.


  3. When the famine hits I want to be part of a organization preferably Hells Angels only because my uncle Ronnie from Texas was one he is Biker for Christ I think at this time. Have not seen him since I was a kid! If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it!


  4. If we tolerate this then then the next generation of 1%ers will be next. As a 1%er living in the UK we are keeping a watchful eye on your laws . They have authorised similar laws into parts of Europe it is a infringement of our civil liberties. Daz.Valley Commandos MC Wales 1%


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