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Poopys Biker Bar, Illinois largest Biker Destination is suing Illinois Governor over shut down order

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The big biker bar a short drive from Rockford has had enough with Illinois’ stay-at-home order. Like many businesses, Poopy’s is feeling the effect and has decided to make a legal run at the governor’s executive order. The 24-year-old biker bar shared their fight on Facebook, “The fight is real. We won’t go down easy.” With more than 700 comments and 2,000 shares, it’s safe to say they’ve got big super from the public. One fan from Wisconsin praised the bar’s food and entertainment.

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We love to ride our bikes from New Diggings,Wisconsin to Savannah, IL. Your bar has great entertainment, yummy food!! Cant wait to get on our bikes and ride. See you soon!! #Poopysupporters

The specifics of the lawsuit, not displayed in Poopy’s post, have been shared by Northwest Herald.

… he (Governor Pritzker) lacks the statutory authority to issue executive orders putting restrictions on businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore a cease-and-desist order issued to the biker bar as a result of such an order should be voided.

Aside from the aforementioned NWHerald, little information in know, but it looks like the owners, Kevin and Peggy Promenschenkel are in this fight and, if they’re going down, they’re going down swinging.

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We don’t know how our story ends. But it will never say, we gave up. This is everything to us. To lose it all after 24 years in business, is not a option. Not without a fight.

Poopy’s is currently still open for curbside and delivery, you can find their menu here.

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