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163 bikers gathered in Danville to show their support for coronavirus front-line workers in a parade

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DANVILLE, Va. (WSET) — 163 bikers gathered in Danville to show their support for coronavirus front-line workers in a parade.

The bikers in the Planet Fitness parking lot before going over to Sovah Health Danville Hospital to meet the healthcare workers who have been on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic.

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“You can look around everywhere and see all the bikes,” described one biker, Jerry Newton.

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As the bikers lined up, they knew they had to ride with purpose.

“Well I hope that they know that we realize what they’re doing,” says Newton.

Deana Adkins and Janice Ward are also riding in solidarity.

“It is an honor to be able to ride for the ones that are there for us. I mean they are battling the frontlines. Risking taking the virus home,” says Adkins.

With engines revving as powerful as their appreciation for front line healthcare workers, the bikers roll out.

Dr. Bill Sweezer, a Surgeon at the hospital, is also riding.

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“We are going to turn into the main driveway of the hospital. We’ve gotten permission to turn our throttles up and our music as we roar through,” says Dr. Sweezer.

And roar they did. Loud and powerful.

The bikers all offering cheers, claps and elbow bumps of encouragement as Sovah Health Danville hospital workers shift change.

Kimm Paschal, a Healthcare Worker, says “Oh my gosh it is the best feeling! It is such a good feeling.”

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Paschal says she doesn’t do her job expecting a grand thank you like this one, but recognition does feel good.

“To see them come together to say thank you to us… it’s just like –wow!” says Paschal.

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For the bikers, that wow factor, is what they were going for.

“I hope they get goosebumps like I do!”says Adkins.

“And feel blessed,” added Ward.

The Thunder Road Harley Davidson’s brought a $1200 gift certificate from the Checkered Pig to provide food for the hospital staff.

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