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Remembering Waco/ Twin Peaks shootout 5 years later that left 9 dead and 177 Behind Bars

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WACO, Texas (KWTX)

On May 17, 2015, a fight that started in a restroom at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant led to a brawl involving five rival biker gangs.

Shots were fired inside the restaurant and the fight spilled into the parking lot where the gunfire continued.

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Eighteen Waco police officers and four DPS troopers were positioned outside because of intelligence that indicated there could be trouble at the restaurant and they responded within 30 seconds.

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As they did, bikers began to fire on them. When it was over, nine bikers from two of the five gangs were dead, 18 others were wounded. No officers, customers or bystanders were injured.

The Central Texas Marketplace and roadways in the area were closed to traffic.

The shootout resulted in the unprecedented roundup by authorities of 177 bikers. Those detained were taken to the Waco Convention Center, which was also under heavy security.

Get a glimpse of the interesting yet secretive lives of the Hells Angels beyond all the leather jackets, bar fights, and Harley Davidsons.

Months later, 154 biker club members would be indicted of engaging in organized criminal conduct.

The charges for all but two dozen defendants were eventually dismissed.

These rare and amazing photos tell many stories about one of the oldest and most notorious Motorcycle Clubs in the world – the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.

In November 2017, the lone case to reach a jury ended in a dramatic mistrial when jurors failed to reach a unanimous verdict in the case of Jake Carrizal, the president of the Dallas Bandidos chapter.

Ultimately, all remaining cases were dismissed.

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  1. All those LE Outside. 30 seconds
    Say what the Fuck!!! A God Damn
    set up. Instagated by LE. No Doubts what So ever. Time line doesn’t make sense. Hopefully The Brothers Sued the Fucks. Guess LE was Looking for The Resurrected David The self Proclaimed Son of Anarchy.
    Justice is crooked Not Blind


  2. The author of this is a Liar.

    “As they did, bikers began to fire on them. When it was over, nine bikers from two of the five gangs were dead, 18 others were wounded. No officers, customers or bystanders were injured.”

    A PHUFKING LIE. You and the Jack-Booted Thugs are Liars.


  3. Where You There? Mr. Myth!
    I wasn’t. It’s not like They were in Dallas. Where Good L.E. Were killed etc by A Fruitcake.
    The Words You. Liar.
    You gotta be A Cop. Here’s how PO PO Works. I learnt this after 40 plus years of Harassment. Cops don’t give a fuck what People say or Tell them. It’s not the What. It’s The Why! See they wanta know the Whys not the Whats. Why are You telling them this crap? They’ll act like they believe Anything You say. That’s a Fn lie. Its Why are You telling THEM What ever it is Your ass is saying.
    Thise were MC Bruhs. Set the Fuck Up and The LE Was there in 30 Seconds! MC walked out and LE gave No Warning and opened Fire were You There? Liars. Gun toten trigger happy lets kill someone LE How the Fuck did Swat show up THAT quick? No! It’s Why Fool!. Not What.
    No! I wasn’t There. Myth? You got that part right Mr. L. E.


  4. Cat got your tongue Birdie Boy.
    MC knows The Truth. Esp The Deceased Broh!s
    Guess You got lucky hiding out behind A Car Oh! Shit! That’s right! Damn My Bad! You weren’t there. Give Me Three Steps Mr. Myth and You’ll Never See Me Ni More. Run Ronnie Run. Ding