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Poopy’s biker bar defying the Illinois Governor’s orders

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Poopy’s, a staple in the motorcycle community, announced last week that they were in the process of suing Governor Pritzker.

Today, Kevin Promenschenkel, owner of Poopy’s, told us that he’s opening up this weekend, defying the Governor’s orders.

“I’m opening doors for my customers, serve them and see how things roll,” he said. “You come to a point where you have to stand up for yourself, and that’s what we’re doing at Poopy’s. We’re opening for our employees, and for our customers.”

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As small businesses and churches reopen across the state, they’re faced with some blowback from their community, but there’s also a lot of support. “We’ve had a lot of support from our customers. People have been getting on our website and ordering a lot of Poopy’s shirts.”

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Of course, there’s legal blowback as well. Kevin could be fined, or even jailed for defying the order. “We’re nervous, of course, but on advice from our attorney, he said to open, so we’re going for it. We’re standing up for every little guy who can’t seem to do it, and hopefully it’s not the end of us.”

We asked Kevin if he had anything to say to Governor Pritzker, and he said “Let’s open up the economy, get people rolling again. It’s time, people can’t hold out forever. Businesses are closing, people are losing their jobs.”

The restaurant will open Friday at 11am, with indoor and outdoor seating. Saturday, they’ll open at 6am to serve breakfast.

Poopy’s will also host it’s 5th Annual Memorial Day Car Show this weekend.

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