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Satan Sidekicks MC clubhouse shut down after shootings

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A Toledo Municipal Court judge has ordered a central Toledo after-hours club shuttered until a hearing early next month about whether it should be closed permanently as a public nuisance because of recent crime there, including two shootings, one of which was fatal.

Judge Joseph Howe of the municipal court’s housing division granted a preliminary injunction sought by the Toledo Department of Law to padlock the club at 1222 Vance St., cited in a city complaint as both Satan’s Sidekicks Motorcycle Club and Club Antidote. A hearing on a permanent injunction is scheduled for June 4.

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The club, whose listed owner is Nathaniel Lewis of the 600 block of Hamilton Street, most recently was the location where Toledo police found spent shell casings associated with the shootings Sunday of two 17-year-old boys, who were found near Vance and Junction Avenue with wounds not deemed life-threatening.

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It also was where police found two men shot after hearing gunfire early on the morning of Dec. 8. Anthony Wilson, 25, of Columbus died of his wounds while Isaac Baker, 47, of no listed residence was injured.

The city complaint listed an excessive noise complaint targeting the premises also on Dec. 8 and a disorderly conduct incident Oct. 17 among frequent police calls to that location.

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“Keeping in mind the large number of violent events that have occurred at the location it is plain that the Club Antidote is substantially interfering with the peace and good order of the city of Toledo and is otherwise a menace and threat to the community,” the complaint stated in part.

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  1. R.V..Z. Sang Handguns are made for Killing They ain’t Good For Nothing Else. Hearing so much about MC Shootings. MC is about Brotherhood. Your shooting The Damn Wrong People and We’re All getting The Bad Rap over The Shit. Let The street gangs shoot each over their BS. That’s not We represent. Bringing Fn LE oir way Get Off The Fucking Radar Bruhs Shit. Oh I’d pop a Fuckhead in a Quick but it’s about life and death. Not stupid Shit.
    When in Doubt Shoot it Out. Other Wise Damn. Give it a Rest.


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