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George Christie the former president of the California Hell’s Angels Ventura chapter is back in Almeria filming ‘Marked-The Unforgiven,’

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George Christie, the former president of the California Hell’s Angels Ventura chapter, is back in Almeria filming ‘Marked-The Unforgiven,’ an adaption of his best-selling novel ‘Marked.’

THE production had been halted due to the coronavirus crisis.

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The series follows the story of a former Marine recon sniper, Jack Crest, who returns home to Ventura from Afghanistan and becomes the protege of the character, Big John, played by Christie. The two form a motorcycle club (MC) made up of only veterans.

Series producer Pat Andrews said the show is effectively a soap opera about the life of the club and the differences between the members, who range from regular guys to troubled individuals from broken homes, and former military whose personalities are shaped by combat experience in Afghanistan and Iraq.

A Hell’s Angels gang member was in possession of methamphetamine with a street value of more than $500,000 when he was arrested

Big John is billed as the father figure of a group of men with a whole bunch of issues, but held together by a strong belief in brotherhood and patriotism.

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  1. I remember George back in the Day with Sonny. Yeah. Man’s done good for himdelf. Wonder what Sonnys take is on this?
    Like a sell out to me. I’m OG And George got away from his real roots. Trader? Only George knows that shit and if You ain’t 81 and don’t know shit about the days of thunder in California? Then comment about the Fucking Weather cause it sure the fuck ain’t raining here. Go George.


  2. Any 81 who Really knows 81 in the Real Day. Knows G.C pulled a fake news shit on Sonny. Bastard told news etc Sonny was Dead Shot in the face in a bar. Faked the fucking funeral. Heads up.
    Sonny is 82 alive and well in Arizona. G.C is a Joke a Rat. Past charges in him ranged from drug trafficking Conspiracy to commit muder and the list goes on. Little suffer boy from Ventura became a snitch you’d think the Mongols would have figured G.C out.
    Sonny surely did. Alot of 81 wants the favor returned. This time it won’t be fake news. G.C gone. Private collection. No visitors allowed.


  3. I care absolutely nothing about George
    Christie or his ignominious departure from his former club, where he was always seen by the general public as an egomaniac and a shameless self-promoter. I will read or watch almost anything involving motorcycles (whether it involves clubs or not, I don’t care), and I recently read Christie’s stupid novel. Actually, “stupid” isn’t a strong enough word. For one thing, the hero’s first name is “Jack”, which is true in 99% of all first-time writers’ action novels and is an accurate warning that cliches and hokum will abound. And the feds in this novel are evil, cartoonish morons — think Wile E. Coyote in a suit. It was a laughable novel that would have been ignored and quickly forgotten if the alleged writer (did he have a ghostwriter?) weren’t a disgraced, formerly high profile member of a large club who now somehow manages to ingratiate himself with uninformed Hollywood types.

    And now somebody is making a movie out of this silly shit? And modest George Christie is “acting” in it in a major role? Aw, geez, that’s a laugh. It’s gonna be a low-budget, steaming pile of shit with lots of undigested corn in it. I almost can’t wait.


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