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Chester Warlocks Motorcycle Club – A complete and utter disaster

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

In recent weeks everyone has been treated to a front row seat on how not to run a club. The killing of Keith Palumbo by the hands of Michael Deluca, Donna Morrelli and others have demonstrated how things can go south quickly under the wrong leadership. I must admit, this is not how a regular motorcycle club operates. This particular chapter seemed to be under the leadership of a woman, something that never happens in the 1% world.

Since the show’s airing we’ve learned many things. One of the biggest things we learned was the club broke up, with some forming chapters with Black Dragon patches and Chester, being tossed out of the club all together. The real Harpy Warlocks don’t have anything to do with Chester, an official statement from the club said as much. Still, Chester kept their patches and continued to claim to be Harpy Warlocks.

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Herein lies a big problem within the motorcycle club scene right now. Clubs are so worried about expansion, they are throwing patches at everyone. There is no vetting of potential members, specifically a proper hangaround and prospect period. In past years it was always normal to have an entire hangaround for a year and prospect for a year. Not to mention meet a ton of requirements before a chapter was granted. This isn’t the case so much anymore, especially with these pop-up clubs. Pop-up clubs have these dreams of being like the bigger 1% clubs, something these idiots don’t understand didn’t happen overnight. Leadership is usually very poor in these pop up clubs, (some members never prospecting) thus everything turns into shit.

What happened with the Warlocks of Chester?

Like many things that get screwed up in the scene, a damn woman is what happened. Donna Morrelli was the widow of a Warlock who was a longtime member. When he died she took it upon herself to keep the trademark and property of the chapter. An action like this would’ve never been allowed in a motorcycle club that had it’s shit together. Let me be more blunt, she’s a cunt, she has no say in a legitimate motorcycle club. A woman like her is no more than a piece of ass. What she should’ve been doing is getting on her knees in the corner taking care of the members’ needs. Instead, the so-called members didn’t put her in the proper place, they let themselves be dictated to.

Insane Throttle Biker NewsA man who wielded considerable influence after he became a bridge between the Montreal Mafia and the Hells Angels will remain behind bars for the time being

Let’s factor in Michael Deluca, the so-called President of the chapter. Deluca served time for shooting his ex-girlfriend in the head. Yeah, psycho fuck I know. As soon as he got out of prison for that he was with Chester. From what I’m hearing no members of Chester had the balls to put him in his place, so now they had him and Donna running the show. What happens when you have dumb and dumber running a chapter? Well, you get a big cluster fuck!

The  Harpy Warlocks saw this happening, so according to their statement they decided to kick the chapter out of the club. Problem is they never sent anyone to collect club property, nor did they put out the word about the chapter to other clubs.

A Southwest Philadelphia woman with close ties to Mount Moriah Cemetery and the Warlocks Motorcycle Club was arrested and charged in relation to the discovery of the body

Two issues come to mind 

If a chapter or charter is kicked to the curve, all club property is supposed to be collected. Again, this didn’t happen. What happened was this chapter went around using the clubs name and misleading others who thought they were legit.

The second thing that was almost as bad as not collecting the property was not informing other clubs. Most clubs usually communicate with each other, this didn’t happen and because of that an entire club is being dragged through the mud. Why? Because of the actions of this one chapter.

Most people have no idea what the hell is going on, all they know is what they are reading and hearing. What people were reading and hearing is these people were Harpy Warlocks. When the full story started coming out, we then learned the club was all fractured. Not a good look for a club that’s been around since the 60’s.

When you involve a women it never ends well

Motorcycle Madhouse
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When will men learn? Women in clubs are the absolute curse that brings down a motorcycle club. I’m sorry, women should know their places within an MC.Screw all that new age politically correct bullshit.

Look at the situation in Chester and all the problems one woman caused an entire chapter. Do I need to say more?

This story is ongoing, something that is sure to go on for at least two years. Yes, two years because we all know how the system works. Deluca at this moment is in Wyoming, I’m guessing he will try and fight extradition. Why not? He’s sitting in a cozy Wyoming jail, why would he want to go to a Philly joint?

Donna Morelli has been charged with a litany of offenses and I’m sure she will be one of the state’s star witnesses against Deluca. There are also other informants that will be testifying which I haven’t named here in this article. Truly a sad state of affairs this whole mess.

Darwin Hells Angel can return to his club after the Supreme Court lifted a ban on seeing them or attending their clubhouse

I will be keeping everyone up to date on everything as it progresses. The one thing you should’ve got out of this article is to keep the bitches in check. Those in the bigger well known MC’s already know this, but hopefully all the pop-up clubs can learn something from this article. Bitches are no good in a man’s club!

Political Correctness has no place in the biker scene. 

I can already see it now. People will be freaking out because I said “bitches need to learn their places.” Sorry, it’s the damn truth! Some so-called bikers have become a bunch of pussies driven by a social narrative pushed by society. Bikers are not a part of society you morons! We live outside of society, at least that’s the way it used to be.

A Hell’s Angels gang member was in possession of methamphetamine with a street value of more than $500,000 when he was arrested

The problem with men today, especially in the scene, they let their balls be cut off by a woman. What in the hell is wrong with you people? I don’t give a crap if the pussy is fire! That pussy is still attached to a woman and she’s not supposed to be in charge of you!

Am I wrong? Is the past truly gone where men were men? I never thought in a million years I would see the biker scene go politically correct. Unfortunately, that’s the road that it looks to be going down. Why else would a chapter of so-called 1%ers let a broad into their club business? I really would appreciate someone helping me answer that question. God knows, I’m confused as hell on this one!

The Last Vestige of a once proud lifestyle

It seems to me the last vestige of a once proud lifestyle is on it’s way out. Pride, Honor and Loyalty have taken a back seat to a politically correct atmosphere .

I used to think that all the entertainment from all different biker creators was good. I Think I was wrong on that! I think people are watching creators and taking what they say literally. All these pansy asses telling you we have to be all inclusive are a bunch of retards and faggots.

Ravings of a Lunatic
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Being a biker isn’t about accepting everyone! It’s about being true to who you are and the traditions that were passed down from the people who bled for this way of life. It’s about riding to the edge and looking over the cliff and laughing at it.

Screw people who are trying to push social agendas, or say this is 2020 and not the 90’s or 70’s. What in the hell do they know about those time periods? Most of the people talking that shit were not even born! That’s the creators you need to stay the hell away from, they NEVER lived life from a tradition standpoint. These people are the same ones who let their woman get involved and next thing you know the club is in a mess.


Wake the hell up people! If you’re some pansy ass politically correct person you don’t belong in this lifestyle. Being a motorcycle enthusiast is fine and dandy for you. Don’t go around and dishonor what bikers are all about with your cry baby bullshit.

Police are urging the public to come forward with information on a wanted Mongols gang member.

If you’re going to start a club, start the damn thing right! Don’t sit there and think you’re going to get as big as clubs that’ve been around 50 damn years! Stop your fantasy dreaming you morons, all you’re doing is ruining the club scene and making a laughing stock out of yourselves.

Chester- Give it the hell up! This incident with Deluca and Morelli has destroyed your credibility and turned you into enemies of what clubs stand for. You’re not even accepted by the Harpy Warlocks, you’re a disgrace fraud! A fraud that thought they could kill an innocent man because of your own shortcomings. One thing I can tell you, Karma is a big bitch!

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  1. Seems Two Classes of American Citizens are Targeted by L.E.
    African Americans and M.C. clubs all across America.
    The Rioting Looting and Burning of American Hard Working Business Owners Is Unexceptable on Any Level. Nothing shorr of Domestic Terrorism.
    All Citizens Need L.E. To Serve and Protect American Citizens Yet it is Clear We Have Racist Cops Whom Hate Despise the Two Classes of Americans and Give Others A Sour Reflection of Corrective Justice.
    It Will NEVER Change. Wishful Thinking that Our L.E. Are Caring Americans. When mosr are Thugs hiding in A Uniform and are as Corrupt as the Rioters Roiting in America Today.
    Clean up America by Cleaning and Clearing out Bad Cops whom need Mental Health asap.
    Profiling by L.E. Must stop.


  2. Hollywood..i love your style..yes the mc world has a code of ethics that is what seperates itself from the family values ethics dictated by sociaty.. and with in the mc code of ethics you can say bitches, faggots..and alot of other things your average libatard may find offencive.. that being said. Your article is on the money… that cunt should have had a property patch instead of taking the rep of all clubs to the place it will surely go in some peoples eyes.. its too bad she didnt end up in cript instead of the two young men that did.. thank you for helping preserve the attitude that these clubs were developed on.. cheers my brother..stay safe and stay healthy..


  3. They watched too much Sons of Anarchy,Donna Morelli thought she was Jemma and the chapter thought it was ok because that is what happened on the TV show and we all know that everything TV is real

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  4. “Harpy Warlocks saw this happening, so according to their statement they decided to kick the chapter out of the club…”
    I would be interested in this statement, can you post a link, a copy or transcript of this statement?


  5. Look,Donna Morelli didn’t run anything in the Warlocks MC. Those Fucks that are spreading that shit are rejects from Pop-Up clubs who tried to discredit Chester because they did not like the fact that Chester is the Mother Chapter! Those fucking reject pieces of shit wanted to bring Ex Cops,CO’s,LE MC members (IO and IL primarily)!but also punishers,Rough Necks etc. Also they didn’t like the fact that all colors come through Chester Chapter and are to be returned to Chester upon leaving the club so they can be inventoried and disposed of property. I see so many fucking comments from a bunch of idiots on here. As i said on the show the same fucks giving you all of this info are the same ones who don’t understand they joined the Warlocks MC,The Warlocks MC didn’t join those fucking idiots. The only thing making the MC community have a bad name is the bullshit lies that are being told on air and on social media.


  6. Donna doesn’t run anything. Here’s the deal Hollywood,those guys have everything to gain from this bullshit they are spouting off about. I have no reason to lie about what I am saying. Chester (my chapter) has already been solidified and everyone knows throughout the history of this club that Chester has been a major player and part of things. As I said on the show last week,you have guys who haven’t been in this club for even 4 years giving official statements on behalf of the Warlocks……they act like they run this club but have broken about every fucking bylaw there is to break. Metric bikes,ex cops,snitches etc. Do you really think The Chester Chapter is going to condone any of that shit? There is a book about the club that I highly recommend you read. You can see them for yourself how important and instrumental Chester has been in the Warlocks MC.


  7. Junior There’s so denying it Everyone following this story knows she does. She wanted to fulfill her husband’s shoes so she used her pussy to get what she wanted. Come on do u think if a man was running it this would’ve happened to Keith?? Do u think guys would’ve got patched in without having a bike and better yet not knowing how to ride a bike?!! What about all the betrayal that happens when another brother is away? Everyone fucking each other’s ol lady? Robbing from your own people? Smoking or shooting meth? Not putting money on another brothers books when he’s away? Selling meth to minors? Not having to prospect? The list could go on. But too much was said and done in front of females that never shouldve been. When women start having a say in club business then it’s gonna start falling apart. Thats a FACT! I feel bad for a select few who earned their patch like everyone supposed to. Donna managed to have a once respected club completely taken away. She deserves to have everything done to her that she has ever done to anyone. Karma is a real thing and God definitely has plan for her.


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