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Motorcycle Shows which every biker should watch

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by Karlo Manalo

Over the past decade, bike fans and riders or even casual viewers have seen the growth in number and popularity of motorbike themed TV, cable, or online programs. These shows range from the real-life creation of choppers, documentaries bike riding adventures, to the life of fictional biker gangs.

The Muertos Motorcycle Club will lead a birthday parade for the youngest victim of the Walmart shooting this weekend.

Shows about motorcycles have some of the best production values, storylines, plots, and characters and as a result, the viewership and fanbase of these shows number in the millions and have constantly ranked high in the ratings.

George Christie the former president of the California Hell’s Angels Ventura chapter is back in Almeria filming ‘Marked-The Unforgiven,’

Regardless of whether the show is based on real-life or fabricated fiction, the fun, adventure, and freedom of riding a motorbike is reflected in these shows, giving both riders and non-riders a front-row seat to why riding a motorbike is awesome. Here are the shows every motorcycle enthusiast should watch.

Here is a list of shows you should see

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