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Members of a whites-only biker gang have also been spotted in Minneapolis

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With the Twin Cities still under heavy law enforcement presence following the killing of George Floyd and ensuing protests and riots, there continue to be reports of unsettling sightings including people in flak jackets with assault rifles and members of a whites-only biker gang.

Because of that, FBI Minneapolis is urging anyone to continue reporting any criminal activity or suspicious behavior.

An Oakland County Circuit judge has lowered bond for a Pontiac man charged with a murder that happened in the bathroom of a motorcycle club in April 2019.

“If they see something that they think is a violent act or illegal or suspicious, feel free to give us a call at the FBI at 1-8900-CALL-FBI,” said Kevin Smith, public affairs officer of FBI Minneapolis. “If you happen to be lucky enough to have video or still pictures – don’t get in harms way –  please send them to us.”

Motorcycle Club ensures protest stays peaceful

Video and photo tips can be submitted to the FBI through this link.

There have been numerous sightings in the metro area of armed men wearing flak jackets who don’t appear to be associated with any type of law enforcement or the National Guard.

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It comes as some residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul have taken it up themselves to patrol their neighborhoods amid concern about suspicious vehicles and individuals that are still appearing around the cities a week after the worst of the unrest.

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  1. Those “civilians” in flak jackets may well be Oath Keepers – a national organization of veterans and others who volunteer as security for businesses and towns during such times. They have been mobilizing folks for several weeks.


  2. Pure Fucking profiling. It’s A Pick and Choose World. Homosexuals and Trandsgenders as Well as Lesbians influencing Our kids and The Fed laws protect the Scum bags.
    Attempts by social media News channels etc trying to stir up mire troubles as if We don’t have enough issues as it is.
    Why can’t the Damn World just shut the Fuck up and find some common grounds in life. Now We have media trying to drag MC Into this racist BS That was created by L.E. From day one. Black lives Matter? So does White lives Matter. God Damn Feds Gov etc. Leave us MC Out of Your Domestic Crap. Tossing thd blame game to cover Your asses and protecting Racist Fucks who Burn loot and dedtroy the fabric of Society. Go home. Get a fucking job. Most spent that stimulus money on Alcohol Drugs. Now their broke and out stealing shit. White black etc. Leave MC Out this shit and focus on the real issue. Fucking Cops are 2 blame. You intentionally killed an inmocent Man .
    Go Fuck Yourselves. Pteacher. M.C Supportor. 81


  3. My prior comnents Were infact. Not Bias Prejudice or Racist.
    Since I’m Native American Then this raises Issues.
    We wouldn’t want F.T. Hinged now would We?


  4. The 3 percenters take it upon themselves to protect the innocent people. Thank you, keep up the good works it is appreciated, and yes keep the bikers out of this. if anything they’re probably trying to help, thanks MC.


  5. To Anonymous:
    I bleed Red & White.
    But I don’t know anyone in the Club who has ever shown as much hatred or had such completely whacked ideology that you spew with such vitriolic crap.


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