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Vagos MC Moloch and Gold Coast Wheelers clubs could be spotted lining the streets of Paso Robles protecting neighborhoods from protests

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By Lindsey

San Luis Obispo County has seen nearly a week of anti-racism and police brutality protests — and members of motorcycle clubs have made their presence known at many demonstrations.

Motorcyclists wearing colors, jackets and vests indicating affiliations with Vagos, Moloch and Gold Coast Wheelers clubs could be spotted lining the streets of Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo and Nipomo during recent marches.

While protesters marched by and chanted the name of George Floyd — a black man who died in Minneapolis on May 28 after a police officer knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes — some motorcyclists sported large hunting knives on their belts, and some parked their bikes diagonally in front of local businesses.

The groups claimed they were on hand to protect shops and storefronts from community concerns about vandalism and looting.

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  1. Who the Hell are the L.E. Trying to fool with such Response?
    Guess they’ve forgotten it Was Cop/ Cops that created this Crap from day. One. Now Cops wanta talk bunk When levelheaded MC Come in to Protect what cops CLEARLY Refuse to do. Hell. Look at the start of all this rioting?
    DC caught hell. Etc etc etc.
    Ty. Bruhs for stepping in while our beloved Cops stepped the F out. Preachet


  2. If some the protesters where intimidated by the MC members, then did they have an intention to start violence? Like.them or.not, they are part of the community and have the same right to be there. I suppor Chief Cantrell.


  3. When motorcycle club’s try to help, their reputation is always brought up and their help is down played and criticized. Should be thankful of these 1% clubs are showing their support for your city and realize they could as easily take over and join the fuck nut looters but most love their country and will protect what is right. The police just can’t except help from those who ware a patch helping the community. Just Show’s law. Enforcement mentality. And a whip please ohh scary fucking morons cops can twist anything. The vagos don’t except blacks in their club but thats not what this is about its about shitbags looting and burning your city down.


  4. The 1% did the right thing. The people need to know they won’t be allowed to destroy what someone has put their blood and sweat and tears and life into for someone to destroy it in a few minutes. Thanks 1% and keep up the good work no matter who says what.


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