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At least five members of the Sons of Silence motorcycle club have been arrested for allegedly trying to take a cut from a man

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CLARION – At least five members of a motorcycle club have been arrested for allegedly trying to take a cut from a man in April.

Clarion police arrested Cory Dale Woods, 41, of Waverly; Anthony Jacob Kelley, 37, of Belmond; Chad Robert Simmons, 41, of Latimer; Justin Anthony Carlson, 37, of Sheffield; and Daniel Robert Carolus, 43, of Belmond, on Monday for criminal gang participation.

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They have been released pending trial.

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Court records allege the five are members of the Sons of Silence MC, which authorities classify as a “gang”, or Sworn Silence MC, which is a SoS support club.

On April 5, the group allegedly began following the man and his wife, who were on separate motorcycles, as they traveled on Highway 3 around 7:20 p.m., according to court records.

They forced him to pull over near the Central Avenue Casey’s General Store in Clarion and surrounded him and his wife. The group was wearing Sons of Silence or Sworn Silence clothing and told the rider he needed to take off his vest because they did not like what it had on it, court records state.

Is is not clear was it fake colors or colors of other club.

Members of the U.S. Marshals Mountain State Fugitive Task Force and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office arrest Pagans Motorcycle Club member

Carlson allegedly shoved the man and threatened to assault him, records state.

The man, who was an off-duty law enforcement officer, called 911, and the group left when officers arrived.


  1. Imagine that, a Motorcycle Club trying to take someones cut and patches, but wait, they are not a Gang right? Is this realy worth it to the five men who are now in jail over a pievce of cloth? Wsa it really worth it to lose their freedom because they didnt like a patch someone was wearing. I have no sympathy for these Clubs that out themselves and their clubs in danger and bad situatins over a patch. Its ridculous and foolish. Lose your freedom over something so stupid. In the Carolinas there is fixing to be a crackdown on this type of behavior. North Carolina has sent warnng to all of their State Police that they are to crack down on this bullying by clubs and SLED in South Carolina is sending under cover agents to bike nights and bars all across the State wearing colors to see if it happens to them. If you want to survive as a Club you better change the way you do business before the Government takes your copyright!


  2. There only tuff in numbers …wish it was me the would have pulled that stuff with….bullies


  3. In the past I myself had a 1% patch on my chest. People don’t understand what it’s like being part of a club. I hate the word gang we are not gang members we a white men. If you decide to put a patch on your back fake or real then you better know the lifestyle. And for you cop clubs you can go fuck yourselves. You were not respecting at all in our lifestyle. And if you talk shit you’re gonna get hit. A lot of the members of real clubs have served for our country and got home and the government let them down. So they found a family of brothers they can trust that show them love and respect. When I laid my bike down my brothers were there when I woke up in the hospital they’re old ladies help clean my house made me meals and help look out for my health. People on the outside looking in don’t get what real brotherhoods about. I hate walking into a bar and some guy never met before cause my brother. What the word brotherhood means to me you look out for me you let me know when I’m screwing up and help me to get back to where I need to be. You might not like what a brother always has to say to you but he’s just trying to help you out. A old-timer wants told me if one brother bring something up to you think about itWould another brother bring something up to you you really need to think about it and when a third brother brings the same thing up to you you know you need to change. For all you guys out there that use the word brotherhood lightly think about it that man next to you will die for you because I bet he won’t.


  4. Hells angel clubs are not gangs l have good friends in several chapters l was part of one myself in 1971 a lot of the bikers have passed away mostly due to road accidents.. l know them as great people who like a laugh and a drink.. they saved my life after a bike accident they are kind hearted people.. a lone biker wearing a patch of colours raises suspicion because chapters ride together.. You don’t usually see one on their own.. to me someone who puts on a biker patch if he isn’t a club member is asking for trouble


  5. This was a pretty lame story, what a waste of writing, too the author Get the full story or fucking put your pin down.
    Sound as if you where trying really hard to write another shitty MC TV show.


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