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A young member of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club allegedly swinging a baseball bat into an older member of the rival Outlaws Motorcycle Club

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Adrian Humphreys

As biker brawls usually do, this fight had theatrics — a young, new member of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club allegedly swinging a baseball bat into an older member of the rival Outlaws Motorcycle Club in a busy parking lot in St. Catharines, Ont.

The noisy, dinner-hour fight featured, as biker brawls also often do, an uncooperative victim unwilling to complain to police.

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Last week’s parking lot fracas marks another entry in a recent spike in biker violence in Southern Ontario.

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“We’ve noticed an uptick in violence. There’s kind of a little string of concerning things all about weapons and violence,” said Det. Staff Sgt. Scott Wade, operations coordinator for the Biker Enforcement Unit (BEU), a joint forces police unit led by the Ontario Provincial Police.

“We have noticed that there’s no slow down in outlaw activity because of COVID,” he said.

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  1. I’d be pleased to show that youngster precisely how to effectively use a bat. I couldn’t begin to remember how many guys I used a bat on. Just don’t hit the fucker in the head or you’re getting a murder beef. First, kneecap them, then ankles, collar bones, shoulders, multiple breaks in upper an lower arms finish up with the legs for a few more breaks. Doesn’t hurt to crack a few ribs, but again, you don’t have to kill the guy. I always broke their wrists and all their fingers. Especially if the shit started with the moron flipping me off in my own shop and calling me a bitch and a cunt. I’d smile and give them an opportunity to rethink that shit. Most people knew better, but there’s always some ignorant ass out there who hasn’t got a clue who he’s dealing with. Playing baseball for years gave me a hell of a strong swing. Plus,I had a short fuse and a vicious temper. Shouldn’t really say had. It’s still very much there and ready to go off any moment. I’ve got a couple of neighbors pissing me off, but this fucking street has more damned cameras than a Nikon warehouse. Ruins all my thoughts of how to handle these punk motherfuckers.


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