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Biker gangs are often thought to be intimidating, hairy, heavy-drinking, loud-engined, violent and mean

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By Tony Gillan

They were called the Black Angels and they did indeed look very intimidating when revving through the town on their beloved motorcycles, but there was more to them than that.

Who were the Black Angels of Sunderland?


Individually they seemed like people to be wary of. Collectively – and there were over 300 of them – they frightened the life out of people with their leather jackets and loud engines.

However The Black Angels were lauded in the wider community because of their charity worker which won them admirers from the most unlikely of folk.

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The gang’s main campaign involved raising £3,000 (about £36,000 in today’s money) to buy a kidney machine for the Sunderland Royal Infirmary.

Honorary member of the Highwaymen Motorcycle Club for over 20 years killed in Triple Murder


They achieved this, and then some raising hundreds of pounds for local schools.

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