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The York County Sheriff’s office charging six men it says are members of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Gang.

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YORK COUNTY, S.C. (CN2 NEWS) The York County Sheriff’s office charging six men it says are members of the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Gang.

Detectives believe they planned an attack as an intimidation tactic over presumed territory.
They say the men tried to enter the Bear’s Den Bar in Clover to start a fight with members of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

An outlaw motorcycle gang enforcer has made a glitzy exit from prison after a five-year stint for a violent home invasion

The owner told police he came out to the parking lot and tried to get the men to leave.

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According to deputies, when another member of the Outlaws gang pulled into the parking lot, he was attacked by the group. All six have been charged with strong armed robbery and criminal conspiracy.



  1. This is just stupid shit.
    Why’d the bar owner go to the parking lot to try to intervene. Is he that dumb & drunker just a moron?
    Only way the bar owner could have known the Angel’s were there was by either security cameras or someone inside peeked out and didn’t have the guts, along with his fellow members to step up.
    Fuck off you gutless wonders.


  2. This is hilarious to me. You go to a bar, to fight over territory, and then you go to jail. When will it get through to these clubs that this isnt the 90’s anymore. Your clubs will not surive when you continue to fight over patches and territory. You will eventually lose to the US Governement and your copyrights and branding will be taken away by Uncle Sam. Its coming. Soon your clubs will be known as the Hardliners and the Pistons because the Government took over your trademarks for your original clubs. Its coming to a State near you. The days of taken patches, removing cuts, threatening innocent people and assaulting innocent bikers is coming to an end. If you want your club to sruvive, chnage with the times and realize that you can be a dominant club without acting like a damn fool. Not surprising this happened in York County, South Carolina just outside of Charlotte, NC. SLED is going to be coming down hard on Clubs that threat and intimidate in their three year gang crackdown plan. Keep it up and your Charter could be next. Take it from someone in the Myrtle Beach area that sees this bullshit everyday. Some charters do things right and they are smart about things because they want to protect their charter and the club as a whole, but most are not doing things right and their actions will harm their entire club. Certainly not all 1%ers are criminals, thugs and bad people, actually most are not, but if the smart 1%ers dont get their younger memebers under control, these younger members will end up taking down your entire club and you will be left with no patch and no club, Seriosuly, give it some thought because this new generation is runiing your clubs.


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