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Atlantic City officials are trying to deter a potential protest during on the Fourth of July that could bring Pagans motorcycle club to town

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Atlantic City officials are trying to deter a potential protest during on the Fourth of July this weekend.

During a Facebook Live address to residents Tuesday evening, Mayor Marty Small Sr. said that he and other city officials and organizations are set to meet Wednesday afternoon with Steve Young, the organizer of a protest scheduled to take place Saturday, the Fourth of July.

The protest, scheduled to take place in front of the city’s Public Safety Building on Atlantic Avenue, is billed as a protest to support George Floyd, the man who died in Minneapolis police custody when an officer kneeled on his neck for almost 9 minutes.

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“Some of the items that you know Mr. Young is concerned about have merits, and they should be addressed,” the mayor said. “However, we are in the listening phase. No promises will be made except the promise that we want to be at the table and conduct business for the betterment of Atlantic City, the business community, and everyone else.”

During a Friday interview on WPG Talk Radio 95.5′s “Hurley in the Morning” show, Young told host Harry Hurley that systemic racism has been going on for years, and it’s been overlooked for years.

“On July the Fourth, we are going to shut Atlantic City down to show the light of systemic racism, and the issues economically and socially, and the oppression that happens right here in Atlantic City,” Young said during the interview.

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A protest and march through the city on May 31 began peacefully but deteriorated into rioting and looting.

Several businesses, especially in the area Tanger Outlets near Baltic Avenue, were damaged, so much so that some businesses have yet to reopen. The mayor said that although he does not feel the protests will reach the level of intensity that occurred in May, and that he’s in favor of peaceful protests, law enforcement agencies will be ready if the situation calls for their intervention.

“We cannot afford another embarrassment,” Small said. “This is the time for everyone to step up. We cannot have people coming in from out of town, destroying our businesses, destroying our properties, and destroy Atlantic City’s good name.”

Small also addressed reports that the Pagan’s Motorcycle Club was headed to the city Saturday.

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“I learned some information that the Pagans motorcycle gang was supposed to come here and try to intervene. That is all fine and dandy. However, we are going to take care of our affairs here in the city of Atlantic City.”

The Pagans have been beefing up their membership in New Jersey, state officials said this past October during public hearings about outlaw motorcycle clubs.

The club has always been strong in South Jersey, but evidence shows they are growing in the north too. State law enforcement officials estimated then that they have 300 members in 17 chapters throughout the state – with a 50% increase in chapters over the past three years.

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  1. Everyone check the article, Virginia Beach firefighters attacked while trying to save motorcyclist life.


  2. Your going To need all the Damn Help You can get and Then Some.
    I speak My Mind and don’t give a rat’s ass If the county state Or Feds like it or not. American M.C “s aren’t ignorant to the BS Ongoing across America. Myself for One have about enough of the liberal anti AMERICA crap. This isn’t South Africa and there is no Fucking Aparte in America. Blks are Not African Americans. Their Blacks period. I’m Native American so back the fuck up and get to the rear.
    I assure Americans that July 4th will be a breaking point. Those radicals are going to take advantage of the fear cops political officials have and their going to turn loose on the 4th This in Our Country black or white red or yellow. Step the fuck down. Leave our History intact. Statues must stay. I salute Any and All M.C.”s that take a stabd to preserve the integerity of Our Great Nation. Damn Democrats and left winged communist trying to tear us apart. One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All. Least You forget your History your lame asses will and are repeating it. Now go home and shut the Fuck Up.
    Ty Pageans and All M.C up for the cause. Preacher


  3. You sir are a fucking idiot. Rest your neck. 1%s aren’t supporting no fucking pigs. Fuck em all. Yeah, though we ride the highways in the shadow of death, we fear no evil, as we are the evilest MOTHER FUCKERS on the Highway. HFFH


  4. I’m with all of the bikers if that’s what it takes to stop all this fucking protester if u don’t like America get the fuck out go bikers show them we r Americans and it’s a disgrace taking all our history away Democrat’s suck there pussy all bikers show them


  5. Really? Apparently you know fuck all about the history of what took place on not only the northern part but also the central and southern Continents known as the “America’s.
    From every direction they were invaded by various European nations who proceeded to commit Genocide upon the multiple Nations that were already here.
    And, yes they are NATIONS. Just like the UK, France, Germany or any other country. But has our government even once honored any of the 400+ Treaties they’ve signed with the Original Nations?
    Fuck no. How do you think that would go over with other Nations? Yeah, our dishonorable government has continued to fuck them over in every way possible.
    Now when it comes to the Confederate flag, that was an act of Sedition. In case you don’t know what that means… They became traitors to the United States of America. And they lost. Take your traitor’s flag and shove it. It’s another ugly period of this country’s history.


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