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A BIKER gang sparked outrage after setting up camp at a war memorial monument .

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A BIKER gang sparked outrage after setting up camp at a war memorial monument in the Scottish Highlands.

A number of bikers have erected tents and barbecues at the Commando Memorial in Lochaber this evening.

The Category A listed memorial is dedicated to the men of the original British Commando Forces in World War II.

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The memorial is also used as a final resting place for Commandos with ashes scattered at the site’s Garden of Remembrance.

It comes after the Royal Marine Charity’s plans for a memorial gathering and parade were scrapped this weekend due to Covid-19.

Locals have been left fuming with the “disrespectful” group who have been allowed to remain on the site despite cops visiting the scene after complaints were made.

One former Commando blasted: “That place is sacrosanct to all Commandos and there are ashes scattered there.

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“It is not good enough that they are being allowed to camp on a war memorial.

“I feel sickened by this, it’s very upsetting.”

And Scots have slammed the group for camping on the grounds on social media.

One said: “Absolutely vile people!! How disrespectful to the Commandos who fought wars to save their freedom.

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“I cannot believe that the police are not moving them on!! I hope they don’t leave litter.”

Another wrote: “This is the only site in the UK where I can honour the memory of my Grandfather who was a Commando and gave his life in action in the Netherlands. I am so upset and disappointed.”

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While a third commented: “Deeply saddened tonight to find the commando memorial in Spean Bridge turned into a campsite. Zero respect for its history.”
SNP MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch Kate Forbes said: “I have seen images circulating tonight of people camping at the Commando Memorial.
“These are completely disrespectful and unacceptable.
“The Commando Memorial requires respect; it is not a campsite. I am speaking to the Police.”

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A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Officers have been made aware of complaints around a group camping at Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge.

“Officers attended and spoke to the group. Advice has been given and the group have advised they will move on in the morning and will clean up after themselves.

“Officers will continue to monitor the area during the night.”

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  1. Not sure if u know how to tell what clan these scot,s are from ..but there is a way.. put your hand up their kilt and if you feel a 1/4 pounder..chances are their a McDonald..


  2. It is kinda disrespectful but on the other hand i hope they have a good reason to be there and set a camp. I would be good enough for me that those guys protect the monument and this saint area from stupid rioters that are currently flipping of the entire U.S country. Cause as they claim the beat up, loot and destroy monuments in the name of George Floyd. A guy, who didn’t do nothing but his past is not great for a any approval whatsoever


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