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What the hell does it matter to you if motorcycle clubs don’t get along?

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By James “Hollywood” Macecari

I’ve been asked about what I hate hearing the most. I’ve got to say the #1 thing has to be, “why can’t we all get along and stop the fighting between motorcycle clubs?” You want to know what bugs the hell out of me when I see that in comment sections on our platforms?  The fucking people making those remarks are not even in a damned motorcycle club!

What damned right does anyone have to say that if they are not in a motorcycle club? What does the beef between clubs have to do with you? I truly believe people think that their opinions are going to change what’s happening in the scene. Truth is, your opinions don’t mean a damned thing! My opinions don’t mean a damn thing when it comes to politics between clubs.

Hells angels motorcycle club

History people, learn your damn history if you’re going to comment on something. People need to educate themselves on a subject if they want to put their opinion out for the world to see.

Doesn’t everyone think it’s time for people to shut the fuck up!

One of the things that people need to realize, particular motorcycle clubs have a long history of back and forth with other clubs. These motorcycle clubs in the news have lost brothers to prison, and many have lost brothers who died for their clubs. Again, what right do you have to interject your thoughts, when yourself are not a part of the scene? Maybe it’s time for you to take your opinions and go sit in a corner because no one gives a damn what you think.

Another place I’ve found these types of people are on protocol pages, you know the ones who teach motorcycle club protocol and such. First off, I’ve said this over and over again, protocol can only be learned in person. You cannot possibly learn anything about the subject from people on the internet. This is the main reason I cover biker news and other subjects bikers should be involved with.

You’re not helping yourself at all trying to learn from protocol pages or Facebook Groups. 

You don’t need to join a stupid ass Facebook group to learn what being a biker is all about. This is especially true with particular groups run by an out bad pos, who hasn’t ridden a motorcycle in over a decade. How in the hell would anyone learn anything from an idiot like that? This one particular group, one I will not mention, has an idiot like I just described. Dude uses a fucking walker for christ sakes and had a bitch hand in his colors because he was a straight up bitch. Again, are you  going to go up to a member and say, “well, this guy on Facebook, who was put out bad, says this is the way it’s done?” If you do that, you’re going to get an ass-kicking!

Outlaw Motorcycle Club, Darkhorse Motorcycle Club, Storm Riders, Air Force MC, Firefighter MC and public safety officials from several communities raise money

People need to stop being so damned gullible. These people feed on attention and will do whatever they can to reel you in. It’s amazing just how many people get themselves involved with these people and groups. Bikers are not made online, they are made by actually getting out there and riding.

What are you doing to make the lifestyle better, since you have all these opinions?

One of the first things I ask someone when they make a comment about clubs getting along. What have you done to make our lifestyle better? Are you a member of ABATE, MRF or any other group advancing bikers? 99% of the time the answer is a straight up NO!

From secret codes to rules most of the society would strongly frown upon American biker gangs have a lot they don’t want us to know about.Mongols MC

Everything bikers used to stand for, Respect Honor and Loyalty, has become a novelty. Fucking RUBS and politically correct assholes have taken over. Worst of all, think they know something about things going on. True to form of a RUB, getting involved in some shit they know nothing about. Instead of commenting on why clubs cannot get along, take your asses down the highway! Take that 50 mile ride and put your bike in the garage and play biker on the net, because you sure the hell ain’t mattering to me or anyone else.

Try doing, instead of trying to dictate to people who’ve live this life 24 hours a day

If you want your opinion to matter, get your ass up and go do something. Don’t be the one who wants to bitch while others are out doing the work for YOU!

People who feel motorcycle clubs should drop their rivalries then go out and preach it on the streets. Don’t sit behind a computer and comment on posts. Put some work in and make a difference. How about you join a motorcycle club and try to change the culture if you think it’s so easy?

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The moral of the story, people who live this lifestyle day in and day out are tired of the wannabes. I get it, you like riding motorcycles and want to matter. Why not just continue being a motorcycle enthusiast and call it a day? Keep your opinions to yourself, especially on something you know nothing about, and just go on a freaking ride!

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  1. I’ll tell you why they can’t shut up. it’s because they ride a motorcycle and see a patch and have no real idea of what it took to earn it. Sure they read the internet and they listen to conversations from afar but they yearn for a brotherhood they’ll never have. I think it’s human nature to be curious and want something without having to earn it these days. ie. millennials.

    You gotta have a set of balls to bang bars for hours, it’s draining and there is no stopping for lattes or whatever people drink nowadays. I’d love to see some of the posters you have in here (you know the ones) walk into a clubhouse and ask to hangaround and possibly prospect… I’d pay money to be a fly on the wall… All those posts and comments on the web will be brought to light in 20 minutes.

    The wars currently going on will never end, the casualties are piling up and lost brothers are never forgotten. Pick a side, join it or if you’re not allowed to join, become a known hangaround and earn some respect.

    That’s the best advice for keyboard warriors I can give. .


  2. Well..i beg to differ… i have been in the scene a long time.. not as a patched member but the events and parties and have lost zome very lose brothers to this isnt what the club was meant to be period.people say shit because these new age clubbers have fucking ruined itz intention…twisted the shit out of its rules..and took its image to a place that most of the past would pume to think thats what they fought for.. sell your dope and kill the kids..thats not what it was supposed go end up…you couldnt even do chemical drugs in the club..kill your own members…like fuck was a brother to be murdered by his own… keep your little wars going on so the leos and public and every upright mother fucker in the world hates every one on a bike…ya im sure you feel that was the genuine intention of a motor cycle club……wake the fuck up


  3. I don’t get why you need a ‘gang’ to ride a bike. Like to play dress up? Still suffering from potty training tramua? Mom stopped nursing you too soon and you need attention? If you like ride, ride, and shut up about it.


  4. Seemingly no one is capable of the same integrity, loyalty, honor, respect and furthermore the simple ability to shut the fuck up.
    Most everyone who I rode with is dead and I’m not talking about them as well as shit that took place when I was as young as 4 onward.
    Never have been able to stand gossiping, running at the mouth people. They’re stupid and dangerous. To everyone they come into contact with or hear about. These fuckers just can’t wait to create and instigate shit.
    I’m weary of this crap. It’s pathetic reading these stories about what’s going on all over the world.
    Acting like a bunch of moronic babies, can’t do fuck all without wreaking havoc and chaos.
    I’m flat out embarrassed and disgusted. So are the remaining people who actually aren’t fuckups.
    And I am the first to admit that we were most definitely not always doing shit that was legal. But nobody was ever doing anything remotely as stupid, wrong, publicly or anything else like these idiots are.
    First place, they’d never make it to being a hang around, much less prospect. And a snitch or cop slipping in? Not a fucking chance.
    At least not while I was around. And I picked up on more than one trying to slither their way in.
    Apologies to reptiles, I like them.


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