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Established in 1969 the Mongols MC has earned the reputation of one of the most dangerous outlaw biker clubs in America – here’s why.

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By Arun Singh Pundir

The Mongols MC was formed in California as a one-percenter group in 1969 and has its presence in more than 14 states in the US, as well as having many international chapters. As a one-percenter, the Mongols MC do not follow the rules or diktats of the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) and have their strict code of conduct, much of which puts them in direct conflict with law enforcement.

Detectives have released CCTV as part of their investigation into a drive-by shooting in Melbourne’s north-west earlier this month where Mongols bikie Shane Bowden was targeted.

While the concept of the one-percenters may have birthed as a band of brothers who love motorcycles and the open road, it turned dark with many one-percenters thinking of themselves to be above the law, even though they patriotically rode on Harley-Davidsons. With law enforcement bearing down on the Mongols, their attorneys claim that no criminal is allowed into the MC anymore as a rule, but even so, here are ten reasons why you shouldn’t mess with the Mongols.

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  1. THEYZ SOME CRAZIES FOR SURE BEST RESPECT AND STAY CLEAR OF THAT 1%. I RESPECT Them 100%. But dont cross em dont boss them wait till the morning and just Maybe They’ll ride off Again. Other wise? Your Fucked.


  2. Wanta discuss fearful etc?
    Look at that Fn left winged communist blk SOB That just died. Fn Lewis. Fuck that racist Bastard. Dr. King didn’t like him didn’t trust Him. Look at all the Racist comments that shitwad said in Congress do your damn studies on this clown pelosi and a few more all in the same loop like cortez. Even giving Muslins a bad reputation. Im glad the bullies Fn gone to hell
    Cant wait till the rest falls out. America is Great and better off
    Praise God Allah.


  3. I remember when they formed the Club. T.hey pretty much stayed in their hometown and we went wherever the fuck we wanted. Nobody has ever wanted to go to Montebello anyway.
    Besides, this article, ,, hack, hack… is yet just another piece of Ill informed shit from, ….AGAIN.
    So don’t jump on James about the bullshit in this , if you don’t know that he is only reprinting the stuff that’s out there about bikers by now, you’re obviously not paying attention.
    I know someone was about to be an asshole on this. Just something weird? That was me smacking you upside the head from a far, far distance.


  4. I guess you forgot to mention that they talk to Cops they’re allowed to rat on other people just not their brothers bunch of punks


  5. I like most get the same run. Somone reprinting shit and maybe adding a we to I and then to us etc. Mongols ain’t an MC To cross Paths with if Ones needs an attitude adjustment. Or a Fn death wish. Feel free to seek Those 1%ers out. They’ll provide all ya need and give ya the story straight. And I don’t mean George and some Ocean Front property in Arizona. Fuck a Bridge. Go Mongols. Preacher


  6. Vermin are to be exterminated.
    Just look at the phone book. There are plenty of rat & nice killers.


  7. One would find it confusing if anyone even remotely knew who the Hell You are. I resoect your comnents steph on the Mongols
    Rats Mice Snitchs? Gets where one can’t siffer a nigger from a coon or a pig from a ham.
    I glad I’m Old. Still hear the screams that last bresthbof a brother. Explosions going off in my head. Tracers zipping by at night while setting on my porch.
    Smell of death. Back when MC was MC and things flowed smoothly and Respect had meaning. Reprint old shit to stir up something for nothing.
    Easy tosay. So go put a gun barrel in your mouth and end the BS. Cause that sound rings. Not me Monhold
    everywhere and ain’t nobody going to miss you. Not Me Mongols 81 etc. Women who talk like men but cry like babies. Only Women bleed.


  8. May. 1969? I stood on the Top of Hamburger Hill. So much stinch of blood smoke vial guts bowels of Hell like no one Could imagine. Stepped over stacks of bodies fell into the remaings of a close Bro whom was shredded like cabbage. Mongols? 1969? Damn musta been nice Steph. Came back to ger hit with bags of Shit called names Those Fuckers had signs. Vietnam National Republic Cocksuckers.
    Look at the streets today Steph. Young motor mouthed sorry ass fucks tearing down what so many died for. Bosnia lybia iraq Afghanistan Somalia. G!D creeps.
    And when i read your comments? Make a me wanta chop your fn head off and set fire to your worn out ragged worthless ass. Who the Fuck do you think you are Bitch? GD big mouth wanta be yack. Put the barrel in your stupid mouth. Pull the trigger. Othetwise go bleed somewhere so Real Men don’t have to smell your old nasty drawls. Ger a job. Prostitute or snowblower something. Leave MC To the Real Men who wear their colors etc with pride respect and Glory.


  9. The motto when we do good nobody remembers, when we do bad, no one forgets, is a Hells Angels saying.


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