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State troopers said a motorcycle club were attempting to stop traffic after a member had crashed- Man shot at

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DETROIT – Southfield Freeway closed Saturday night as Michigan State Police troopers investigated a shooting.

“I am happy to be alive,” said DanJainer Sams. “Usually people don’t survive incidents like this.”

Sams’ vehicle was shot up bumper-to-bumper. Its windows have been shattered and a bullet passed through the passenger side into the dashboard console.

The shooting happened just after 10 p.m. in the southbound lanes of the Southfield Freeway, near Joy Road.

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Sams shot video of what he witnessed — people on the highway were yelling and attempting to shut down the freeway when a woman jumped on Sams’ car and a man standing in the middle of the freeway opened fire on him.

Sams said the man didn’t say anything, he just reached for the weapon and opened fire.

State troopers said a motorcycle club were attempting to stop traffic after a member had crashed. MSP received multiple calls reporting people with guns on the freeway.

Melvindale resident Gino Grimes, 51, has been charged with opening fire on Sams. It’s believed he was angry Sams was trying to drive past the situation.

The Hells Angels’ new Bronx headquarters was searched and two other men were arrested as police put the final touches on their probe into the murder of a rival motorcycle club leader

Ronald Branam, Sams’ father, said the family is proud of Sams and they feel lucky he’s alive.

“Just starting his life and almost gone in the blink an eye over something he has no control over,” Branam said.

Two men including a member of the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) have been charged following an investigation into a serious assault

Police said Sams wasn’t injured, but sustained some cuts and scratches from broken glass.

The Motorcycle Clubs name remains unrevealed.

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  1. What kind of lowlife asshole shoots up an accident scene, and what’s wrong with the crazy ass bitch jumping on the hood?
    It’s a damned accident you dumb SHITS!
    Why do morons keep getting in the way of emergency services?
    If you can’t be a part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Move away safely, slowly and don’t have things be worse than they already are!


  2. Welcome to the motor city… my advice is that you are not more importantant than a downed brother so dont try driv ing your car/truck past a scene and jepordizing anyone else.. where was sammy boy going that was so fucking important??? ….exactly.. no where… but evert mf,r in the world now thinks its all about them.. be wise,be kind,be safe… youll be able to keep all the glass in your car no matter where you are… EVEN IN THE MOTOR..


  3. Really a Motorcycle Club Member is down and an idiot wants to drive thru. Fuck that. He is lucky to be talking about it. If that was my ole man I do the same. Stop the SOB. Bet he don’t do that again. Don’t blame the bikers. What would you do if a Brother goes down and some asshole don’t stop and wants to get thru. Any OLD SCHOOL OLE LADY knows what to do. So does the BROTHERS.


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