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The former national president of the Finks MC has pleaded with a court to show leniency so he can care for his severely disabled daughter

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The former national president of the Finks MC has pleaded with a court to show leniency so he can care for his severely disabled daughter. He told the court he was done with gang life with his partner saying he is no longer ‘hanging around his silly friends’.

The former national president of the Finks bikie gang has asked a court for leniency to care for his severely disabled daughter as he faces jail time for supplying the drug ice.

Steven John Grundeman, 59, of Mt Druitt, is awaiting sentence on one count of supplying an indictable quantity of a prohibited drug after he was arrested in western Sydney last year.

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He has pleaded guilty to the offence along with a back-up charge of possessing a prohibited drug.

Grundeman was pulled over by Strike Force Raptor detectives at a vehicle stop in St Marys on May 11, 2019, where he was allegedly found with 224g of methylamphetamine.

Police allege he was involved in the supply of the drug through the Finks motorcycle club.

During a sentencing hearing at Penrith District Court on Friday, Grundeman told the court he had cut ties with the club.

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“I distanced myself from all my old friends and all the negative people. I’m trying to better myself,” he said.

“I want to change my ways and just get away from everybody.

“I realised what I’ve done is wrong and I want to get help. Whatever I can do to stop offending I’ll do.”

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In giving evidence to the court, the pensioner spoke of his mental and physical health conditions which included a near-death experience in the weeks leading up to his arrest in 2019.

“Two weeks prior I had been assaulted and was on life support … when I got out (of hospital) I wasn’t in the right frame of mind,” he said.

The court also heard from Grundeman’s de facto partner Jane Betros, who spoke of their strenuous commitments in caring for their severely disabled teenage daughter.

Ms Bertros told the court their daughter needed round-the-clock care for a range of medical conditions, which would be further complicated if Grundeman was sent to jail.

She also spoke of his dissociation from the club over the past year.

“He stays home now and is not hanging around his silly friends,” she said.

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“Before he would go out a lot with his friends. Now he stays home and helps out more.”

Grundeman said a jail sentence would put additional stress on the family.

My daughter needs 24-hour care on a ventilator,” he said.

“It would be very difficult for my wife, it takes two people to look after her.”

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“I put her life at risk and I’m ashamed of doing it.”

Grundeman’s defence told the court that his client’s involvement in drug supply had been driven by financial gain

“He was unemployed and wanted to assist his daughter’s medical condition. It’s a very expensive exercise to have a ventilator,” the defence said.

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“He doesn’t have a colourful record. If he can focus on the issues at hand, I could confidently say he won’t have a problem with supplying prohibited drugs.

“His associates at the time clearly did not help his cause.

“He has broken away from that bad influence and that is evident from his own testimony and the evidence given by Ms Betros.”

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However, the Crown prosecutor argued Grundeman had a history of involvement with drugs and had narrowly avoided jail for a similar matter in 2015.

“He has failed to accept what he is doing is wrong and has continued to offend,” the Crown said.

“No penalty other than full-time imprisonment is appropriate.”

He will be sentenced next week.

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