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A fight between Mongols MC and Hells Angels ended with one gang member stabbed and another fatally shot at a gas station, officials said

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By Adam Ferrise, cleveland.com

VALLEY VIEW, Ohio — A fight between two motorcycle gangs ended with one gang member stabbed and another fatally shot at a gas station, officials said.

Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation spokesman Steve Irwin said the fight involved members of the motorcycle gangs the Mongols and the Hell’s Angels.

Irwin said BCI will ask agents with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Expolosives for assistance with the investigation because the federal agency is an expert in motorcycle gang investigations.

Over 200 motorcycle riders met at St. Joe Harley Davidson for a poker run bike ride to raise money for Doug Collins, who was seriously injured in an accident on Interstate 29 last month.

The incident happened about 9 p.m. Saturday near the gas pumps outside the Shell gas station on Granger and Canal roads, Irwin said.

Irwin said based on BCI’s preliminary investigation, a man stabbed a rival biker gang member at the gas station. A member of the rival biker gang then shot and killed the man who did the stabbing, Irwin said.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner identified the dead man as John Fuller, 53.

Pagan Member Matthew J. Vasquez accused of making arrangements involving three co-defendants to conceal 2014 and 2018 Harley-Davidsons

Irwin said the man who fatally shot Fuller was initially detained but has since been released from police custody. Irwin said he could not release the shooter’s identity.

Valley View police Det. Joseph Ferrando said on Monday refused to provide basic information on the incident and said the police department would release no information on the shooting, instead deferring to BCI.

Now there will be hell to pay, Cops have arrested two Hells Angels suspected in the assassination of a rival Pagans Motorcycle Club leader

The state agency is leading the investigation.

Valley Mayor Jerry Piasecki said he didn’t know the facts of the incident and planned to meet with Police Chief David Niro on Monday.

A manager at the gas station referred a reporter to the corporate office. Messages left at the corporate office were not immediately returned.

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  1. Damn support 81 but shit try some fucking chicken wings and a few Beers. Resoect one another.


  2. So, it’s just okay to shoot & kill someone in Ohio at a gas station? You dipshits have to call in the Fed’s over this? And you let the guy who killed the other guy walk out of jail. Good one. Never liked Ohio all that much anyway.
    This is ridiculous from the get go.


  3. Seriously, since when did it become okay to shoot & kill someone and just walk out of jail.
    I get that the dead guy stabbed another guy first, but still… you have to kill him?
    On top of that shit, the local cops call in the FBI over this?
    Are you that fucking incompetent or just plain stupid? Tell me.
    I never liked Ohio much anyway.
    Fuck it. You people are just batshit crazy. Or cowards. Pick one.


  4. First of all the guy that did the shooting is not a mango and either with another guys with them they’re fake they bought their shit on the Internet and they’ve been going around messing with the Cleveland 81s here in there please do it should’ve been put to sleep a long time ago they started at all those are the facts


  5. Stupid fuck didn’t know you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight?! Sad to say he deserved what he got.


  6. Why did dude start stabbing in the first place? Was there an actual fight beforehand? They don’t just let people walk after shooting someone so something seems off and. It lookin good for 81. Shame.


  7. I heard the Mongols are stopping in and around Cleveland this weekend before owning the highway into Sturgis. Outlaws and Angels and other 1% clubs always notify each other if a pack is riding through territory. The Mongols just do whatever they want whenever they want and in mass numbers. Weather or not the brothers weren’t in patches. They’ve been trying to start a Mongol Chapter here for a long time. This was definitely a turf battle to an ongoing war. Unfortunately the Hells Angels think big knives and hammers are better then small handguns.


  8. I guess we will see how accurate these claims are if mongols are seen. What happened to the good old days of beating each other’s asses and haven a beer after? You walk away to fight another fight. This young kids think numbers give them the go ahead to walk around with big balls. If you know the code that’s not how things work. Just making all clubs look bad. If we wanted to join gangs it wouldn’t be bike clubs. The message was lost. A patch doesn’t make you a man. Numbers don’t make you tough. And seems to me this was a let me show you how big my kahonas are because i got a shit ton of guys behind me. And If these so called mongols were that out numbered then why the weapons? Shake em up a bit and go about your day. This was stupid. Puts serious heat on HA.


  9. Typical H.A. aproach.. not so tough now are ya..want to stop..bring a pack…acost a couple guys getting fuel…well bang bang…..you should have minded your own bussiness and kept on your way….yes they let him out of jail because he was defending himself and his brother from a group of knife wielding thugs dont be so stupid..and by the way the buckeye never liked you iether


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