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A Hells Angel ‘Brutal South’ biker, who allegedly assaulted a man so severely that he may be left with permanent brain damage, has applied for bail

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A Hells Angel ‘Brutal South’ bikie, who allegedly assaulted a man so severely that he may be left with permanent brain damage, has applied for bail so he can care for a young child and get back to work as a concrete pumper.

A Hells Angels member who allegedly bashed a man so badly that he may have permanent brain damage has applied for bail so he can care for a young child and return to work.

Police allege Hells Angels ‘Brutal South’ member Vinnie Italia and co-accused Robert Franco left a Basin View man with life-threatening injuries after they seriously assaulted him to get money withdrawn from his superannuation on May 3.

Becoming a member of the most badass biker clubs known to man isn’t exactly an easy task… But it might be even harder to leave than it was to join.

Italia, 31, applied for bail and appeared via AVL at Nowra Local Court on Friday. He faces one charge of take or detain in company with intent to get an advantage occasioning actual bodily harm.

In documents tendered to the court, police allege Italia and Franco, 24, assaulted a 28-year-old man in his garage for a prolonged period of time, inflicting serious head injuries and brain damage.

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According to the police, the alleged victim and Franco, who is not a Hells Angels member, had been “in conflict” since July 2019 over a mobile phone. Police allege Franco demanded $5000 in compensation and that it was merely an excuse to stand over the alleged victim and extort money from him.

Documents stated the man had paid $200 per week because of damage to the phone to Franco from January 2020. In March, police allege Franco had a collision in the victim’s car causing “significant damage”. From then, the man refused to pay money for the phone.

Documents said the man, in April, told friends he would use money withdrawn from his superannuation because of COVID-19 measures on a new car.

In the early hours of May 3, police allege Franco and Italia arrived at a Basin View house where multiple witnesses and the victim were.

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Police allege a witness heard “help me, help me please” from the garage. The witnesses stayed in the house while the accused men assaulted the man, police allege.

Witnesses reported hearing “loud banging”, “cries for help” and “yelping” from the garage as the man was allegedly assaulted over a prolonged period.

Franco allegedly entered the house at one point and demanded the man’s mobile phone. He allegedly told a witness he was trying to get into the victim’s bank account to get money owed to him.

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Franco and Italia went back into the garage with the phone and allegedly continued to assault him and discussed going to an ATM in Huskisson to withdraw cash using the man’s bank card.

Later, the man was found lying in a pool of vomit and blood, and he had serious head injuries and unable to speak.

He was rushed to hospital and stayed there for eight weeks before going to a rehabilitation facility where he remains. His brain injury “may be permanent”, the documents say.

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During Italia’s bail application, the court heard he was a self-employed “concrete pumper” and had 50/50 care of his young child.

Defence solicitor Brett Ford argued that the liberty reasons, delays to charging Italia and that the prosecution case relied “entirely” on visual identification of the accused as reasons for his release.

Magistrate Gabriel Fleming acknowledged the strength of the prosecution case on police facts and the time taken to charge him was not ideal, but not “excessive”. She said Italia had a “lengthy criminal history” and a “history of violence” and refused him bail.

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Franco’s solicitor did not apply for bail. Franco faces charges of take or detain in company with intent to get an advantage occasioning actual bodily harm, sexual intercourse without consent and threaten or cause injury or harm to prevent information to police

Both men’s matters were adjourned to September 18..

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