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Umbrella Man is a Hells Angels biker and associated with the Aryan Cowboy Brotherhood guys who prowled downtown Stillwater- See video

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The most popular notion asserted that the guy reducing glass to shards for no clear reason was a cop, and later online sleuths zeroed in on a single St. Paul Police Department officer. That department later worked to debunk this theory by giving the SPPD cop in question a surveillance video alibi.

The suspicion of an outside agitator, come to make protesters look bad — or incite a more destructive mood — might still turn out to be correct. A search warrant filed this week indicates the prime suspect for Umbrella Man is a Hells Angels biker, and associated with the Aryan Cowboy Brotherhood guys who prowled downtown Stillwater late last month.

John Fuller 53-year-old member of Hells Angels died after a brawl between the Hells Angels and the Mongols according to Valley View police

The Star Tribune reports on the affidavit of a Minneapolis Police Department arson investigator, which says the inceration of that AutoZone was “the first fire that set off a string of fires and looting throughout the precinct and the rest of the city,” adding the investigator “believes this individual’s sole aim was to incite violence.”

The Strib didn’t identify the subject of in the warrant, citing that he has yet to be charged with a crime.

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Umbrella Man, who had also tagged the building with “free shit for everyone zone” before bashing its windows with a sledgehammer, threatened one protester and stormed off abruptly after he was confronted. The masked man did his damage on May 27, the second night of protests following Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis cops, and the first of heavy damage to the neighborhood. ..

Later that night, Calvin Horton was shot and killed, allegedly by John Rieple, the owner of a Lake Street pawn shop, who was arrested but has not been charged. Only last week, another body was found at another pawn shop burned during the riots.

The investigator spent “innumerable hours” watching social media and streaming video feeds trying to track Umbrella Man. Last week, a tip was emailed to the department about the man, 32. He’s a member of the Hells Angels gang, the emailer wrote, and was looking to “sow discord and racial unrest.”

Associate of the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) has been charged after a fellow inmate at a western Sydney correctional facility was found with significant injuries

Men wearing Hells Angels gear were spotted socializing and strolling the streets in Stillwater about a month ago, when their presence — along with that of members of the Aryan Cowboy Brotherhoood — menaced a Muslim woman out eating with her child.


  1. But they are just a Motorcycle Club….. at least that is what they want you to believe. I am not naive, I understood there a lot of members of 81 who are not criminals and not trying to hurt others. I also understand that 81 has entitre chapters that are made up of men who are not trying to hurt innocent people or create havoc. You see, 81 has to chnage with the times. They have a lot of supporters but are losing those supoorters because of idiots like this Umbrella Man. Young kids, wearing a patch, trying to be the toughest guy on the block is ruining what 81 is all about. More and more heat is being placed on the members of 81 who are not trying to hurt others. It is all because of the leadership allowing their younger members to act out and not being disciplined enough to keep them in line. Maybe leadership should reign in the young pucks and teach them the proper traditons and protocol of old school 81. Imagine if this is truly proven to be a member of 81 that started these riots, watch how the feds handle this. Remember there is a certain black and white club in California fighting for their right to wear their patch and stray a club…keep making national news with shit like this and watch the same happen to the Red and White.


  2. WTF. Now we’ve got the Aryan Cowboy Brotherhood?
    We don’t have enough racist assholes already?
    I’ve stated on multiple occasions how old school I am, and never once did I hear even a whiff of anybody talking shit like that.
    Almost all of the original guys I knew are dead and even they told me shit that went on at “Church” all the time. Because, everyone always told me everything.
    But nobody was being as stupid about whatever their situation was and their own shit as these young guys today.
    Makes me kind of glad that I am dying.
    I’m going out laughing at these pitiful and pathetic idiots.
    Somebody needs to fix it or fuck it, as we always said.


  3. IS? Really! And How exactly is IS? I don’t see it. HA? PoPo must know more than We do.


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