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The Mongols are easily one of America’s most fearsome motorcycle clubs and these chilling facts will keep you off their bad side.

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By Sumaia Gasmelseed

Originally formed in 1969 California, the Mongols Motorcycle Club had a solid vision of becoming a lifestyle, a culture, and a way of life for the members supporting them through power and solidarity. Although members of the club come from all walks of life and have various backgrounds, there were a number of Vietnam veterans that made the club a force to be reckoned with due to the strictness and discipline that they were familiarized with. This has harbored a great sense of loyalty, honor, and respect within the club..

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But as the club continued to grow, it either lost its way because of some bad decisions along the way or was always intentionally involved with some very heavy and very questionable stuff. The Mongols motorcycle club went on to have a history of crimes such as drug transportation and distribution making them one of the nation’s most feared motorcycle clubs.

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