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Deputies have a motorcycle murder mystery on their hands

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Chris Best

BRIDGE CITY, La. (WDSU/CNN/BIKER DAD/WKRG) — Riding a motorcycle these days is already dangerous. We put our lives in jeopardy every time we throw a leg over the seat and hit the starter. But it was not a distracted driver or debris in the road that led to the death of a biker outside New Orleans Friday. Now deputies have a motorcycle murder mystery on their hands.

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It played out on a highway in the Jefferson Parish town of Bridge City. Deputies got the call around 3 in the afternoon, a shooting call. When they got to the scene on the Westbank Expressway they found a man dead, shot several times.

Police haven’t released the identity of the murdered biker and they don’t know who killed him. So they are asking for your help..

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  1. Do they seriously think anyone’s going to talk to the cops? Especially in New Orleans?


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