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Despite being labeled officially a threat to society the Hells Angels have many unique and redeeming qualities that make us want to ride with them.

By Gaia Zol

The Hells Angels are one of the largest and most notorious outlaw motorcycle clubs in not just America, but around the world, as well. Because of their intimidating size and disregard for the rules, the US Government labeled them dangerous. But with numerous pop culture references to this iconic motorcycle gang, as well as movies and tv shows such as Sons of Anarchy based on them, the question on everyone’s mind has always been: “are the Hells Angels criminals or simple bikers?”

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Is law enforcement persecuting them and are the accusations founded? Bad reputation follows the HA and it has followed the international organization for decades. Since 1965, after the Monterey rape case which happened one year earlier.

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The bikers involved in the accusations were dismissed because there wasn’t enough evidence. Still, after Monterey, the Hells Angels are officially a threat to society. Are they just misunderstood? Here are 10 facts about the HA that make us want to ride with them.

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