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A new podcast from a former outlaw motorcycle gang member and drug importer has teamed up with Podshape to launch The Clink

A new podcast from a former outlaw motorcycle gang member and drug importer has teamed up with Podshape to launch The Clink, real stories of redemption.

Brent Simpson is an ex-bikie enforcer and father of four, who lives with Type 2 Bipolar disorder. In 2016 he rode a bike from the Gold Coast to Perth to raise awareness for mental illness.

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Mentally, physically and sexually abused as a young person, Simpson has spent most of his life behind bars. His last stint in jail was for six-years for drug importation.

Upon release, Simpson began his road to redemption by starting a charity, mentoring troubled youth, and now has teamed up with Podshape to produce this compelling new podcast series.

“After all the years of jail crime and gang life, I believe that there are many others with great stories of redemption and I cannot wait to take our listeners on this journey and share the amazing insights into the lives of our guests,” he said.

In the first episode, Simpson talks candidly with John Killick,78, also no stranger to the prison system. He is best known for escaping from Sydney’s Silverwater Jail by helicopter in 1999.

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Killick shares the intimate story of his escape and cellmate Ronald Ryan, the last Aussie to be hung.

Future episodes include AFL bad boy Barry Hall, convicted bank robber and journalist Bernie Mathews, big wave surfer and Maroubra legend Wayne Cleveland and many more.

Head shaper at Podshape, Jay Walkerden, said Everyone deserves a second chance at life.

“The stories are real, and Brent has a great ability to get these very personal stories out of the guests with empathy and understanding,” he said.

The Clink launches Monday (August 24) wherever you get your podcasts from.

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  1. I am old school and female. Been around this way of life over 40 years. Also the AB’s and the Skinheads, and the Hammerskins, because of family members and husbands. Women should sit in the corner and be quiet or in the kitchen or other Room, until th hier men are done visiting just amongst themselves or talking business. Make sure they have drink and food. Now, a club rules should always be abided by, of course the way of safety becomes more intense as the electronic/weak people have become stronger / more . If you don’t like the way of life stay away from it. I haven’t got to listen to your Podcast yet but I am looking forward to it.


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